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Ayyuha ‘l-Walad

Ayyuha ‘l-Walad

I seek Allahs refuge from the knowledge which is of no benefit”. This disciple of Imam Ghazali (Ra) kept thinking along these lines for a few days and then wrote a letter to Imam Ghazali (Ra) with the view of getting an answer to his dilemma along with some other questions. Furthermore, he asked in his letter to Imam Ghazali (Ra) for some advice and to teach him a supplication that he could always recite. He wrote in his letter that although Imam Ghazali (Ra) has written numerous books on this issue,this weak individual is in need of something that he could always study and always act upon its injunctions. In reply to his letter, Imam Ghazali (Ra) sent him the following advices.

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