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Willpower and Being Tested With It.

What is the willpower and how are we being tested with it?

November 16, 2019

How to Respond to Hostile Attitudes

How should we respond to hostile attitudes towards believers?

Mechanisms of Soul and Conscience

What could be said about comprehending the essential natures of the soul and the conscience, which play a dramatic role in the rise and fall of human beings?

Historical Recurrences

Taking into account the notion that history repeats itself, how should we view recent incidents and events that are taking place in our world today?

How to Avoid Claiming Divine Favors Upon Oneself

There are positive developments around the world in the direction of a revival of ethical and spiritual values. How should believers position themselves on a safe ground to avoid claiming divine favors upon themselves?

The Nature of the Self (Ego)

What is the exact nature of the self?

Modesty and Effacement

A person who is busy with philanthropy and good services bears the risk of developing self-pride and fall into some personal expectations. How can one keep his or her sincerity while involved in such activism? How can one be safe from losing his or her…

Origin of God

Who created God?

Seeing God

Why Can’t We See God?

Creation of the Universe

Why did God Create the Universe?

Purpose on Earth

Since God Knows What We Will Do, Why Does He Send Us Here?

The Qur’an says: No compulsion in religion

There is no compulsion in religion (2:256) what does this mean?

The Qur’an says: The Point of Worship

What is the Point of Worship, and Why Does it Have to Be Done in a Certain Way?

The Qur’an says: Primordial Convenant Part2

Are there any rational proofs that the covenant really took place?

The Qur’an says: Primordial Convenant

What is the Primordial Covenant?

Fitra (Primordial Nature)

What Does the Islamic Concept of Fitra (Primordial Nature) Mean?

Who wrote the Qur’an

Did Prophet Muhammad Write the Qur’an?

The revelation of Qur’an

Why Was the Qur’an Revealed Over A Period of 23 Years?

Iqra’ (Recite, Read)

Why Does the Qur’an Open With Iqra’ (Recite, Read)?

Choosing our own actions

Can We Choose Our Actions?

Islamic Decree on non-Muslims

What Happens to People Born and Living in Non-Islamic Countries?

Duration and Status of the Prophet’s Mission

Was Muhammad’s Mission Limited and Temporary?

Origin and Number of Prophets

How Many Prophets Were There? Were They All From Arabia?

Role of Prophethood and of Prophets

What is the Role of Prophethood and of Prophets?

Scientific Issues of Today

Why Does the Qur’an Not Discuss Scientific Issues That Concern Us Today?

Wealth & Poverty

Why Are There Fortunate and Unfortunate People?


Why Are Some People Created “More Equal” Than Others?

Predestination of Death

Are the Manner And Time Of Death Predetermined?

Punishing Entire Nations

Why Are Whole Nations no Longer Punished?

The Role of the Sunna

What is the Sunna’s Role Today?

The Popularity of Atheism

Why is Atheism So Widespread?


What is Jihad?

Imperialism in the Muslim World

Are Muslims Guilty of Imperialism?

Will Religion Become Unnecessary?

Will Religion, Supposedly Developed by “Primitive” People to Explain the Unknown, Eventually Become Unnecessary?

Submission, Sense, and Reason

Many people ask how Islam, which requires submission to God, can be in accord with sense and reason. What we must realize here is that these two realities are not mutually exclusive. Islam does mean submission to God, and Islam is indeed in accord with…

Islam, the Solution to All Problems

Can Islam Solve Every Problem?


Why does Islam Allow Slavery?

Aspects of Jihad

What are the different aspects of jihad?

What spiritual practices and outlooks should one make a special effort to acquire during Ramadan?

What spiritual practices and outlooks should one make a special effort to acquire during Ramadan?

What about those who say that fasting for so long is unhealthy or affects one’s job performance or even the nation’s development?

What about those who say that fasting for so long is unhealthy or affects one’s job performance or even the nation’s development?

What is the role of intention in fasting?

What is the role of intention in fasting?

Why does God tell Muslims to fast?

Why does God tell Muslims to fast?

Existence of God

Does God exist?


What is Guidance, and Can We Guide Others?

Spiritual Tension

What is the Purpose of Spiritual Tension?

Staying away from Satanic Suggestions

How to Keep Free of Satanic Suggestions?

Satan Insisting on His Unbelief

Why Does Satan keep not believing?


What is Death?

The Intermediate World.Part2

What does the spirit do in the intermediate world?

The Intermediate World.Part1

What Happens to the Spirit in the Intermediate World?

Cycle of life

Why does one creature’s life depend on the death of another?


Is Reincarnation Compatible With Islam?

Knowledge (‘ilm)

What Are the Differences Between the Islamic and the Modern Scientific Points of View On Knowledge (‘ilm)? How Does The Qur’an Regard “Knowledge”?


What Satan is and Why He Was Created?

Involuntary Thoughts

What About Involuntary Thoughts and Fancies?


You say that Islam is a religion of unity, but we see differences – sometimes major differences – even among the companions. Why is this so?

Managing Evil Thoughts and Desires

How Should We React to the Evil Thoughts and Desires Whispered by Satan?

Dressing Code

Is There an Islamic Code of Conduct Concerning Way of Dressing?

The Mystery of Time and Knowledge

It appears that the time of the coming of rain and the sex of the baby in the mother’s womb can be known in advance. Are these then no longer to be counted among the “five mysteries” mentioned in the Qur’an?

Time of Death

Do the appointed times of death (ajal) of people who die en masse in natural disasters come to all of them at the same time?

Mentioning Enemies of Islam in the Qur’an

Why does the Qur’an Mention a Person Such As Abu Lahab Who Was An Inveterate Enemy of Islam? What is the Wisdom in Doing So? How does it Befit the Dignity and Purport of the Divine Book?

Ulfa (Familiarity)

What is Ulfa (Familiarity)? And What Are its Negative Effects?

Success of the Past vs Failure of the Present

What are the Reasons for the Fact that Islam Spread Over Such Vast Territories in Such a Short Time in the Past? What are the Reasons for the Muslims’ Defeat and Failure at the Present Time?

Artificial Insemination

What do You Say About Sperm Banks and Artificial Insemination?

Anticipation For the Messiah and the Mahdi

What is the Islamic Perspective on Anticipation For the Messiah and the Mahdi?

Avoiding Sins

How Should People Avoid Sins, Distractions, and Temptations?

Unity of Being(Wahdat al-Wujud)

What is “Unity of Being” (Wahdat al-Wujud)? Does it Conform in Any Way to the Teachings of Islam?


How Can “Moderation” Be Defined?

Dabbat al Ard

Is It Right When People Link HIV to “The Beast of the Earth” (Dabbat al ard), One of the Signs of the Last Day?

The meaning of Mujaddid

What Should Be the Understanding of “Mujaddid” in Our Time? Does it Refer to a Single Individual Only, or does it Rather Signify a Collective Personality (Shakhs Al-Manawi)?

Tests a Believer Faces

What are the Greatest Dangers and Pitfalls That a Believer Faces, and What Precautions Can Be Taken?

Inviting others to Islam

How Should Believers Invite Others to Faith?


What is the Reason for the Persistence of Darwinism in the General Culture of the Masses, Though Many of Darwin’s Hypotheses Have Been Challenged and Even Disproved?

Sins & Repentance

How Can We Avoid Sins, and How Can We Show Sincere Repentance?

How are Those Who Are Hostile to Dialogue Activities Today Relevant to “Kharijites, Karmatis, Anarchists”?

How are Those Who Are Hostile to Dialogue Activities Today Relevant to “Kharijites, Karmatis, Anarchists”?

Angel Azrail

Although Azrail is One, How does He Capture the Souls of Many People Who Die at the Same Instant?


How should we deal with mockery or ridicule, especially of the young trying to practice their religion by their peers?

Invoking God’s Blessings and Peace Upon the Prophet

As God Already Gives His Blessings and Peace to Prophet Muhammad, What is the Wisdom in Our Invoking God’s Blessings and Peace Upon Him? Does He Need Our Invocations?

Positivism and Rationalism

What Should be Our Attitude Against Ideas Like Positivism and Rationalism Which are Accepted as The Sources of Information in The West? To What Degree do they Reflect the Truth?

Power of Change

How Would You Describe the Moral Transformation of the Prophet’s Companions After the Advent of Islam?

Desire to Emulate, Envy, and Hastening to do Good As If Competing with One Another

How do we distinguish between the desire to emulate and envy? What are your thoughts regarding the charities and alms given away openly by some leading people in good work in order to inspire others and stimulate their feelings of generosity, while others cannot help…


What is the believers’ version of the concept of self-confidence or self-esteem? Can we strike a balance between being an ordinary person and cherishing high goals?

Hypocrites vs. Unbelievers

Who are the People the Qur’anic Verses 2:18 and 2:171 Refer to?

Desire to Retreat

This transient material world attracts us greatly with the kind of life it imposes upon us, the many opportunities it presents, and its overwhelming daily engagements. As a reaction to these attractions, one may feel inclined to become isolated from society; a desire to retreat…

Reproaching Our Fellow-travelers

Different groups or individuals who do good work in their own way are sometimes critical of others for using different methods. What would you say about being critical of others on one hand and feeling satisfied with the correctness of their own method on the…

The Prophet Muhammad’s illiteracy

Was the Prophet illiterate throughout his life? Or did he-the one for whom veils were lifted with the verse “Read!”, and thus who could read the mysteries of the universe-ever read and write in the sense that we understand?

What is the difference between God, and Allah?

What is the difference between God, and Allah?

Is Music allowed in Islam?

Can you please tell me if music is allowed in Islam? And explain to me why and where it is said? So many people tell me it is said in a Hadith that music is forbidden, but as you’ve stressed, the Qur’an is a more…

June 2, 2019

Addendum to Opinion on Music

Do you believe that your views regarding music are reconcilable with any of the imams of the four schools of law? I mention them in particular because arguments that differ with their opinions are typically predicated on a (conveniently) small selection of the hadiths that…

What is the verdict on eyebrow threading?

what’s the verdict on eyebrow threading or anything of that nature?

June 4, 2019

Why Drinking is Haram

I grew up with a Muslim BFF who always said that drinking wasn’t allowed for Muslims but when I went to uni I noticed that some of my new Muslim friends didn’t think it was a big deal and would show up at the pub…

Why Drinking is Haram, pt 2

‘salam’ to you… just read your opinion on alcohol and you REALLY dont give good reasons why i shouldnt drink, so give me 1

What are your thoughts on dating?

What are your thoughts on dating? In today’s society the age of getting married is 23+. How should one control his sexual desires and maintain his deen?

What does Islam say on evolution? Is it strictly creationism?

What does Islam say on evolution? Is it strictly creationism?

What does Islam say about evolution?

What does Islam say on evolution? Is it strictly creationism?

I’m a girl. Highschool. Temptation. Boys. I may be in too deep. I don’t know. Help?

I’m a girl. high school. temptation. boys. i may be in too deep. i don’t know. help?

My Relationship with my family is very strained, what can I do?

Salaam. My relationship with my family is very strained. No matter what I do, my parents always see me in a negative light. My older sister is very manipulative and always gets her way, so I get into a lot of trouble. I tried everything:…

Why is sex outside of marriage wrong in Islam?

I have a question that has been puzzling me for quite some time now. But first, your tumblr name is the most original thing i’ve seen in a while. honestly, i will be telling all my arabic friends about it tomorrow. so the question, is…

Is it haram for a Muslim woman to work?

Is it haram for a Muslim woman to work?

Is Birth Control and Abortion allowed in Islam?

Salam guys, you people are doing a wonderful job with the blog, it’s AMAZING. I just had a little question or a misconception… whatever… but is birth control and Abortion allowed in islam? It’s been bothering me for a while. :/

June 5, 2019

Are Tattooes Permissible?

heii, salam. can u shared about tattoo? i mean is that haram? and why? can u also put the surah or any kind of hadist about tattoo in islam?

Help Learning Arabic

Selam Osama, I want to learn Arabic but you make it sound very hard… why is that?

Discussing the length of a man’s pants

As-Salam alaiykum my brother in Islam, why don’t your wear your pants properly? The Sunnah of The Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi wa Salaam) instructs us to do this, and you do not.

Pure Men for Pure Women and vice versa, what does ‘Pure’ mean, is it only virginity?

S/a. There is a verse that says pure men are for pure women and vice versa. What does pure mean? Does it only concern virginity? Because one may be so and at the same time he may have done other sinful actions with women. I’m…

Scholars say I cannot study The Qur’an myself, is this true?

Many scholars say that I’m not supposed to study the Quran myself and should consult selected knowledgeable fews and not to mess with things I am not likely to understand. I find this insulting. I am not a scholar, I don’t agree with many scholars,…

Brother lives far away, he’s straying, what can I do?

My brother lives away from home since he does internships in California and goes to uni away from home. As a consequence has adopted a very unislamic way of life (drinking, zinah) and I fear he has completely renounced it. This difference has caused us…

I’m a woman, can I move away from home after I graduate?

I’m a woman and would like to move away after I graduate but at the end of the day, my parents won’t allow it because of the living without a non-mahram issue. I tried to find some kind of evidence but I can’t. Is it…

Is Nail Polish Permissible?

Salam, your blog mashAllah has taught me a lot. I’ve always heard that wearing nail polish whilst praying is haram? Is this true? JazakAllah for reading my question. 🙂 May Allah bless you inshAllah.

Halal Meat in the West

AOA. Some of my Muslim friends say that the only thing they can eat at restaurants is fish/vegetarian dishes, and they’ll get a fish sandwich at McD’s, eg, and other Muslim friends will say they can eat meat at restaurants and might get a BigMac…

Parents won’t let me marry outside my culture, even though we are both Muslim, help!

I’m sick and tired of my parents being so racist all the time. As if Pakistani’s are above everyone else. This girl is beautiful, religious, and straight up wifey material. They have no reason to turn her away but I’m sure they will. I want…

How can someone study Islam by themselves?

Assalamu Aleykum. I am studying engineering, but I’d like to study Islam aswell. Since I don’t have time nor money to take another major, I’ve decided to study about Islam by myself. I’ve downloaded a lot of books, but I don’t know where to start….

July 7, 2019

What is your view of Drug Use among Muslims?

Assalamualiakum. First off, I would like to commend you on your Dawah. May Allah bless you. Also, what is your view of drug use in the Muslim community? By this, I mean drugs such as marijuana, and such as prescription drugs that make you fall…

Can Muslims donate blood and organs?

Salam. Is it allowed to donate blood or organs. Also, is it allowed to donate organs for transplant to another human when you die? Many thanks

I’m not Muslim, why can’t I hug my friend who wears hijab?

hello or assalama. ok i have a question. i am not muslim but this girl in my class is. shes so beautiful but when i asked her why she covered up she says her religion told her 2 do that but i dont understand y….

We talk about same sex marriage in school, I’m not sure what to say, help?

Assalamu Alaikum Osama. I am in a catholic school and my religion teacher is a priest. but then most of the students are athiests/non religious. we will be discussing the topic of same sex marriage and i dont know what to say. im scared. i…

Can you recommend schools with good Islamic Studies Programs?

As-salam `alaykom. Can you recommend some schools with good Islamic Studies grad programs? Any advice would be much appreciated! Also, have you read Dr. Khaled Abu Al-Fadl’s book A Conference of the Books? Would love to see some sort of book reviews on here from…

Thoughts on prom?

thoughts on prom?

I have a HS event where I have to hold a guy’s arm, my mom doesn’t like it. What do I do?

i have a high school coronation, and it requires me to put my arm on the inside of the guy’s elbow. but my mom’s freaking out and says i can’t, but if i don’t it’ll look extremely awkward just standing side by side. how can…

Can Muslims eat Kosher food?

Can Muslims eat Kosher foods as well? Or not? Thank you.

How do you learn about Islam, I’m actually scared. I don’t want to be jealous

Assalam-o-alikum. Firstly, you’re awesome, MashAllah. I just found your blog and it’s so helpful. I will go through it at a later time properly. Now, I have two questions:1. There is so much emphasis on learning about one’s religion that it’s overwhelming and I’m actually…

Can I Bellydance in private? I’m Egyptian, I can’t help it.

Is it haraam for women to bellydance in a private area? Just to stay fit because I love doing it and honestly I’m Egyptian, I can’t help it haha.

Is it Haram to Shave your beard?

is it haram to shave?

I hurt my knee, how do I pray?

aasalaamalaikum. I had a knee surgery that makes it so I cannot sit back on my heels with my knees folded under me. How can I pray? I have tried to be able to sit in the normal position but it causes much pain. 🙁

Women’s Last Names (after marriage) in Islam

Salam:) apparently women aren’t allowed to change their surnames to their husbands when they get married, because they’re supposed to keep their father’s surname. I wanted to know whether this was true?

Trouble Waking for Fajr, suggestions?

Assalamu alaikoum. i hope you’re doing fine in sha Allah. i just wanted to know if you could give some “advice” to young people who struggle waking up for Fajr. i have to admit that, as a college student, i find it difficult even if…

Praying While Traveling

Asalamualaikum brother, first of all I want to say I love your tumblr, Alhamdulillah for you! I have a question, I am going on a trip out of the country soon and I want to know about prayer. How do I pray, when do I…

Can married couples kiss in public? What limits are there?

This is probably a stupid question, but I heard an argument today about married Muslim couples and PDA. People were saying that it needs to stop at hand-holding… God forbid you kiss your wife on the cheek. What do you think?

The Qur’an and Sunnah on Backbiting

The Qur’an and Sunnah on Backbiting

Modesty in Islam

Modesty in Islam

Thoughts on Getting Married Young

Salam alaykum, what are your thoughts of getting married young? Guys in the West are not looking to settle down til much later on which alternatively asks girls to seek husbands ”back-home” which usually does not work out because of cultural incompatibilities. What are your…

I know this is silly, but, what about Dinosaurs and Islam?

This question might sound really silly, but, where do Dinosours come into Islam. I know you say you think of Adam and Eve in a metaphorical sense, but I don’t quite understand, does that mean you think they do not exist? (Sorry If I’m wrong…

Can You be a Buddhist-Muslim?

Islam and Buddhism: Can you be a Buddhist-Muslim? As I’ve always understood – Buddhism is a philosophy, and did not gain religious implications until long after Buddha’s death. And that Buddha never told anyone to worship him. The ideologies of Buddhism are very similar to…

Is Smoking Shisha/Hookah Haram?

As salamu alaykum. I see a lot of young Muslims going to do shisha/hookah on a regular basis. I was wondering what the Islamic perspective on the permissibility of smoking sheesha is?

Is Female Genital Mutiliation Islamic? [Short Answer: No]

Is female circumcision Islamically encouraged?

Advice for Taking a Course on Islam in the West?

Salaam alaikum. Do you have any advice for a university student in the West that is planning on taking an Islamic course? Perhaps one that is being taught by a non-muslim? Any special preparations I should have?

Are Muslims Too Concerned with Daily Dilemmas?

do you believe people get too wrapped up in the daily dilemmas of islam (permissible to listen to music, doing wudu a particular way, eyebrow threading etc) and forget the spirituality, generosity of spirit and faith that the religion teaches?

Is The Lottery Haram?

Assalamu alaykum. I have a friend who wants proof that taking part of the lottery is forbidden. He doesn’t consider it as gambling (‘maisar’ as used in the Quran). Can you please explain with Quran and Hadith, if possible, that it is forbidden to buy…

Someone Said The Qur’an Teaches Violence, How Do I Reply?

Salam Alaykum brother. What can you say to someone to prove that the Qur’an does not teach violence and in fact hates it. Jazakallah Khair.

What If Evolution Isn’t True? What Will You Say to God?

What if Evolution isn’t true? What if Allah stw asks you why you did believe in it.?

Is It Haram to be Vegetarian?

Salam, brother. I wanted to know, is it haram to be a vegetarian? I didn’t think so but a friend said it is since one of the reasons Allah put animals on the earth was for us to eat them, and also its wrong to…

I know Qur’an Is Not a Science Book… But Doesn’t Science Beat It?

I know the Quran is not a science book but when you do take a look at science then at religion, science started making sense to me. I dont want to doubt this beautiful religion but I sometimes cant help but think. Isnt one of…

Must We Choose Between Dunia and Akhira?

Does it really just fall down too whether we choose Al-dunia or Al-akhira?

Is Leisure/Relaxing Haram?

SalaamWaleikum. I’ve heard people say things like playing chess or any other leisurely activity, except from archery, horse-riding and swimming I think, is haraam as it’s a waste of time and they count this is idle talk/action which of course has been said to be…

Why don’t you answer questions about LGBT issues?

Salaam alykum. As someone who seems comfortable and open-minded when it comes to tackling various issues concerning Islam/Muslims in the “West”, am I correct in assuming that you consciously avoid addressing LGBT issues because it’s traditionally been seen as taboo to discuss in Islam? I’d…

Can Muslim Women Play Sports?

Salaam alykum, I’m a female convert Alhamdulillah and I have been playing sports all my life & now that I’m 19 I have an opportunity to become a professional athlete. When I told my Muslim friends, they said that it is a bad and women…

How does one love Allah and fear Allah at the same time?

Salaams, how does one love Allah and fear Allah at the same time? I can’t seem to wrap my head around it.

If something is “Sunnah” does that make it obligatory?

Why does an argument that something is “Sunnah” automatically make an opinion or a practice “the only Islamic one” without even looking into the context? Even for hot button issues like circumcision, polygamy, child marriage in modern times. Should everything that was Sunnah get a…

How do you pray Istikhara?

Urgent; how exactly do you pray istikhara?

What is an “Islamic Name?”

What constitutes an “Islamic name”? What is an “un-Islamic” one? This has never been clear to me, I just know that many Muslims around the world take on Arab names for some reason. But these names existed in pre-Islamic times, too.

How should sex education be taught in Islam/Islamically?

Salaam Alykum. How should sex education be taught in Islam/Islamically? Thank you.

What if you want to get married but don’t want to have sex?

What if you want to get married but don’t want to have sex?

Was Aisha really 9 when she married The Prophet?

Was Aisha really 9 when she married the prophet? I’ve heard some say she was actually 18. I know it really shouldn’t matter but it’s been bothering me.

Is there a contradiction between 4:78 and 4:79?

PLEASE ANSWER THIS IS IMPORTANT! I think I found a contradiction in the Qur’an. It says on 4:78 that good and bad are both from Allah, but in the next verse it says that good is from Allah, and bad is from you. So what’s…

I am terrified of death, what can I do?

AsalaamuAlaykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakahtu. I’ve never really told anyone about this, but I am terrified of death. It consumes me almost daily. I have much anxiety and I am always scared I will be punished for things I’ve done in the past when I…

What is considered committing excess in religion?

Salam alaikum. What is considered to be committing excess in religion? I’ve recently been trying to strengthen my relationship with Allah (swt) and my familys new name for me is “the extremist”.. In terms of sura nisa, aya 171, where is the line drawn for…

Can you explain the verse “And abide in your houses and do not display yourselves…” [33:33]?

Can you please explain this verse? “And abide in your houses and do not display yourselves as [was] the display of the former times of ignorance…” [33:33] Some say this means women shouldn’t come out of there houses except out of absolute necessity?

Why do we refer to Allah as “He” or “Him?”

Salam alaykum sir, why do we call Allah ‘He’ or ‘Him’ since God has no gender. Please explain in simple way so that i can actually grasp it. Jazak’Allahu khair.

I can’t pronounce Arabic properly, is my prayer still valid?

Salaam. I want to read salat but I have a feeling im not reading the words accurately enough. For example I don’t think I’m pronouncing the arabic 100% right. Should I carry on reading it this way whilst trying to perfect the arabic? or should…

Why do prayer have to be said in Arabic?

Salam Aleikum, why is it that for muslims who don’t speak arabic, when they’re doing the prayers they have to recite the prayers in arabic.. isn’t it the meaning of what we say that counts, and not the language you use to reach god?

Is it bad to not reply to someone saying Salaams?

Asalam Alaykum! I just wanted to ask if it is bad not to answer someone’s salam when you know their intention is to chat you up after you have said salam back? Because some guys tend to use this to chat girls up and I…

What is a person has never come into contact with Islam?

Salam Osama, I recently watched a really interesting documentary about untouched tribes in the Amazon who have never come into contact with their outside world. If a person has never come into contact with the ideology of Islam, then what? Does Islam deal with this…

How did you deal with being a Muslim during tough times?

As Muslims we aren’t supposed to focus on the bad or dwell on the negative. It would be helpful for me though if I heard more stories of how a Muslim successfully dealt with a bad time or experience. I know your dad has one…

Who is Imam Al-Ghazali?

Assalam aleykom. One question. Who is Imam Al-Ghazzali and should he be revered as one of the greatest scholars?

Where do we draw the line between metaphors and literalism?

I realize my question is not a comfortable one but I simply still would like to know. Where do we draw the line between ‘Metaphore’ and ‘Literalism’? You believe Adam & Hawa (alayhisalatu wa salaam) to be metaphorical, and that’s totally fine (though I am…

Is Jummah Obligatory for Women?

Salam alaikum. Urgent question. I am a sister and I was wondering if jumma prayer is obligatory for women? I have heard all my life that it’s not but I recently read sura jumma and saw nothing about the exception of women in jumma salah…..

What does it mean that men are “Qawwamun” over women?

What does it mean that men are ‘qawwamun’ over women? I see translations saying it means “maintainer/protector” but I want to know how, from this word, it is derived that men are given the authority to govern and manage the lives of the women in…

I know evil and suffering are tests, but why do children suffer?

I know that evil and suffering is supposed to be a test and all but why do children suffer sometimes? They don’t need to be tested.

Do you think Islam is sex positive or sex negative?

In your opinion, do you think Islam cultivates sex-positivity or sex-negativity? To me, it seems that Islam recognizes that sexuality is a beautiful and necessary part of the human experience but it is also honest about the ways in which it can be a destructive…

This person keeps saying ignorant comments about Islam, what do I do?

URGENT: This person I know keeps saying ignorant comments about Islam… and no matter what they keep saying them to me… What do I do? What would you do? Please help inshAllah.

Are religion and rationality incompatible?

Do you think religion and rationality are ultimately incompatible? Sometimes I fear that,  if I question and think things through too often, I’ll end talking myself out of my faith. Because faith entails that sometimes you just have to put all that questioning aside. But…

Is heaven and hell real or a state of mind?

Salam, do you think Hell and Heaven is a state of mind rather than a place? I’m just so confused in the sense that if Allah is the Most Merciful, how could He place someone in Hell? But then again, there are those who do…

I’m left-handed, is that Haram?

Do you have any advice for lefthanded Muslims? I am not sure why there is so much pressure for us to alter what Allah has made natural for us.

If Islam is so against racism, then why is there still racism?

If Islam is so against racism, why are Muslims so racist even against each other? I’ve seen some really really bad instances of it and it makes me very sad.

Can men and women shake hands?

Salaam, I’m the same anon who asked about shaking hands with the opposite-gender. Just to be more specific, I’m referring to non-mahrams. I’m a sister and since Eid is coming up, I’m going to be seeing lots of family friends (non-mahrams). I usually shake hands…

Why do so many people see Shariah as scary?

How come Westerners see Sharia as such a terrible and scary thing?

Can Muslims be friends with non-Muslims?

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh, brother. I know you are busy, so I’d really appreciate if you can elaborate on, or debunk, the claim that ayah 5:51 tells Muslims that they cannot take Christians or Jews as friends. I’m not sure if you’ve answered…

Is mouth-to-mouth resusciation Haram?

Salam. Say you’re in a life and death decision. Is it haram to give mouth-to- mouth resuscitation to a non- mahram?

Does God have a beginning?

I believe in God, but something in my mind keeps asking, if everything has a beginning then what is God’s beginning?

Why don’t men cover up?

Salam, I think Its not fair at all how women have to cover up everything and men dont. Women have to pray in the back Behind men. How is this equality? No woman was ever a prophet, but why? Why cant a woman be a…

Why do God refer to Himself as “We” and “Us” sometimes?

Salam Aleikum, Why does God in the Qu’ran sometimes refer to himself as “we” “Us” instead of “I”? Thank you

Is celebrating birthdays Haram?

Assalamu Alaikum. Is it haram to celebrate a birthday ? by celebrating I mean a gathering of family and friends to share a good time and receiving gifts. I hear that it’s haram, and I keep wondering why, we thank Allah for being alive everyday,…

Why is pork Haram?

Why is the swine prohibited in islam ?

I’m a lazy and unmoitvated Muslim, what can I do?

Assalam alaykum. I don’t know how to phrase this properly but I’m a very lazy and unmotivated Muslim. I fast, but do not pray all five salahs and barely even read the Qur’an. When I do pray, I don’t feel that it’s coming from the…

Can you use a piece of paper to learn Salat?

Is it true that you are not allowed to read salah off a paper? I am learning namaz and don’t remember all the motions and surah’s yet, so I was thinking of trying to read with a copy of instructions by me for the time…

I have a past of sin, how do I move forward?

I am a born Muslim woman, I have a past that is filled with sin regret and shame, being forced into a religion I never understood made me leave Islam for about two years. Although I returned to Islam, I am petrified that my past…

Someone said something very offensive to me about Islam, how should I react?

Salam! Someone said something terribly offensive to me and Islam but I just gritted my teeth because I knew I’d say something offensive and the whole thing would escalate. My colleague said ‘I’m tired of all these f***ing halal butchers everywhere. Sometimes I just want…

Why shouldn’t I marry a non-Muslim?

URGENT URGENT:!!! please quickly respond to my question about falling in love with a non muslim guy bc I will see him soon. i want to know what to do so i can avoid sin. I just wonder about this because you know, I feel…

If Allah already knows whether we go to heaven or hell, what’s the point of life?

If Allah already knows whether we go to heaven or hell, then what is the point of life? And do we really have free will then? What is the point of praying if Allah has already decided what happens to us?

Is drawing Haram?

salaam, is drawing allowed in Islam?

Was Mary a Prophet?

What do you think of the idea that Mary was a prophet? I’ve seen it argued fairly convincingly in that her trials, tribulations and her pact with God resemble those of many prophets who were explicitly identified as such in scripture.

How do you use a tasbeh/misbaha?

honest question, Osama: how do you use a tasbeh/misbaha? What am I supposed to say? Sorry if its a stupid question.

Why doesn’t Islam focus primarily on love?

Why doesn’t Islam focus primarily on love, forgiveness and redemption like Christianity? The themes are there but they’re not as prominent. Islam, like Judaism, seems to be more about perfecting ones faith by following a myriad of rules. I see that it’s probably more practical…

What do you think about media protrayals of Muslims?

what do you think about the media protrayal of muslims? do you get angry when you see it? especially since these are the same movies getting golden globes.

How do I respect parents I feel don’t deserve respect?

Salam alaykum. How do I respect a parent when I feel like there is nothing respectable about them?

Why must prayers be segregated?

Wait, I don’t understand why gender separation is required while praying… shouldn’t the only thing on our minds be God, it does not matter whether it is a brother or sister standing next to us, as long as we’re all submitting to God…

Why did God create humans?

God states in surah ad dariyat that He created mankind and jinn for no other purpose except to worship Him. What does this statement really mean? Elaborate more please. Btw asalamu alaykum bro.

I’m new to Islam, any suggestions?

Salam 🙂 I am new to islam and so overwhelmed by everything i have to learn – any tips?

Can women be forced into a marriage?

My parents keep trying to get me engaged to my cousin. I consider this to be forceful because although I have said no MANY times, my parents will not take me seriously, keep finding pathetic refutes to all my reasons why i dont want to…

Categories of Shariah

how is there a difference in sharia between, like you said, legal issues of sharia, and religious practice? sharia is everything, i think you should learn some more

Are Non-Muslims Going To Hell?

Are non-Muslims going to hell?

Women Are Not Fitnah

Women Are Not Fitnah

The Proper Translation of the word ‘Ulama:’ Scholar or Jurist?

I dont think you translated Ulama properly, you said it should be jurist instead of scholar. I speak Arabic and thats not right.

A Simple Summary of the Four Sunni Schools of Law

Salam brother, could you give a simple summary on the 4 different madhabs?

Thoughts on Shia and the Jafri Schools of Law

Salaam alykum, what are your thoughts about the shia and jafri madhab? Can you give a breakdown of their beliefs/practices and start of their madhab like you did with the 4 sunni schools? JazakAllah khair!

Did The Prophet say women are deficient in religion? Are 2 women worth 1 man?

Salaam. What do you make of the hadith in which Nabi (S) says that women are deficient in religion (because of their periods) and in intelligence (because 2:1 witness ratio)? As a woman taught that all Muslims are equal in front of God, I have…

Slavery an Islam

Assalamuu Aliakum, I’m really confused about slavery and Islam. Why was slavery allowed in Islam? Did the Prophet SAW have slaves and concubines? What about Maria Qibtiyya? I thought a relationship between a male and female was not allowed outside the bounds of marriage in…

Can Husbands hit their wives? What are your thoughts on ‘Submission’ by Theo Van Gogh?

Many translations I have come across suggest that husbands can hit their wives (4:34) if they are not obedient or conduct themselves in a bad way. Even as a last resort it sounds absurd. I must be honest that I cannot come to terms with…

Can you explain 4:43 please?

Would you be able to help explain 4:43 please? 1: Why does the Qur’an talk about drinking as if it is okay as long as you aren’t drunk when praying 2: Why does the Qur’an advise you to apply dust on your face and your…

Is cutting hands off a necessary punishment for stealing? Death for apostasy? Stoning for adulterers?

Is cutting hands off a necessary punishment for stealing? what about capital punishment for people who turn to other religions? and stoning adulterers?

Are women ‘mentally and religiously deficient’ in Islam?

If women are “mentally and religiously deficient” how were the wives of the Prophet able to pass his teachings? Women are described as weak and overemotional, yet they are trusted with the youth of the nation. If women were innately evil and constitute satanic temptations…

Can Shariah be applied to the West?

Salam Alaikum, Have you been asked or answered if the concept Shari’ah can be applied to western societies?

Can a Woman Lead a State in Islam?

Salam Alaykum. I have come across this hadith: “Any community whose leader is a woman will never succeed”. I was wondering what this hadith is in reference to, and the context surrounding it. Does it mean that a woman may not be the head of…

What Is Your View on the Hijab?

What is your view on the hijab?

Do Men get “Houris” in Heaven? What about Women?

Assalamu alaykum. I’m a sorta new Muslim and I had a question about heavenly maidens. I’d heard that when men get to jannah they get “hourines” (I’m sorry if I’m misspelling that) but my question is, if jannah is every thing we’ve ever wanted, what…

Can Men Sleep with Women Other Than Their Wives?

assalamu alaikum the only thing stopping me from fully accepting Islam is that men can sleep with women who they aren’t married to but who “their right hand possesses” / women in war circumstances. I just don’t see how that doesn’t qualify as rape since…

Why I Do Not Deal in Haram/Halal

Why I do not deal in “Haram/Halal”

Can You Explain 38:75?

Salaam, Can you explain to me the ayah “God said “O Iblis! What prevents you from prostrating before the being whom I have created with My two Hands?…”” Does this not go against evolution?

What Does The Hadith About “Women Are Like A Rib” Mean?

Salaam, I have asked this a couple of times but never received a response so I’m just trying again. What is meant by the hadith in which the Prophet (s) says to be kind to women because “they are created from a rib, and the…

Tip for Understanding Islamic Concepts (#1457)

Osama’s tips for understanding Islamic concepts

Tip for Understanding Islamic Concepts (#291)

Osama’s tips for understanding Islamic concepts

What does Islam say about rape?

What is the Quran’s position on rape? The subject is never directly addressed which I find a bit puzzling.. The only time it is alluded to is when the fate of the people of Sodom is addressed but it seems that they were not punished…

On Penalties in Islamic Law

On Penalties in Islamic Law

Are Muslims Required to Live in Muslim Countries?

as salaam alaikum, some people have been telling me it’s obligatory to move from non-Muslim lands to Muslim lands. They talk about Muhammad (pbuh) and his hijra. But Medina wasn’t a Muslim land, was it? I mean it is now, but back when the sahaba…

What’s the difference between a Faqih and a Mufti?

Assalamu Alykum brother, I hope you’re doing well. I’m a bit confused because I’m not sure if it can be interchangeable, but is it alright to ask you if you could please distinguish what a “Faqih” and a “Mufti” is?

How does “Bloody Money” work?

I have a court question. How does blood money work and why are some people worth less (in gold, so to speak) than others? Why are men worth more, for example?

Is Insurance Haram?

I’ve been wondering about car insurance lately. is it permissible? or is it only full coverage that is impermissible. I’m confused.

Praying in a room with images

Assalam 3alaykum Osama! I have a question in regards to praying in a room with images on the wall, is it permissible? I had hoped to stick up some photos of my family in my room but my roommate has a problem with it. My…

What do you think about this statement from Dr. Amina Wadud?

What’s your opinion on this statement from Dr. Amina Wadud: “You cannot legislate with regard to the well-being of women without women as agents of their own definition. And Sharia was not concerned with that construction. Sharia was happy to legislate for women, even to…

Does Islam allow women to be judges? Part 1

Not to rain on your parade but the concept of appointing female Islamic judges is still considered highly controversial and impermissible by all major schools of Islamic thought. Since you consider yourself a ‘tradiionalist’ I’m surprised that you would support something that is considered unacceptable…

Does Islam allow women to be judges? Part 2

LOL. Nice gif. Sorry but Hanifa did NOT support it to the extent that is being pushed today. He only just barely made it permissiable for women to be judges on a LIMITED capacity, not in any way that is equal to the way a…

Does Islam allow women to be judges? Part 3

Are you really so naive as to believe that Islamic scholars of the past called into question women’s intellectual and emotional capacity to become judges simply because “they questioned everything”and it was par for the course? Seriously? You really go to great lengths to avoid…

Does Islam allow women to be judges? Part 4

Empty maxims? When 3 out of the 4 major Islamic schools of thought believe women can’t be judges and there are Muslim countries in which women can’t be judges or are limited in this field due to their gender? Thanks for that list of scholars…

Do you look at historical context when reading historical scholars?

When relying on Islamic scholars/sources, especially from the distant past, do you stop to consider the cultural or historical biases when you’re studying or interpreting the information they provide? Or do you simply judge the views expressed in them based on how compatible they are…

Would you say Shariah is better than Western Civil Law?

Can you tell us why traditional Muslim law is better than Western civil law? What is the philosophy behind sharia, besides being a good Muslim?

I’m Hanafi, but I want to read about other schools, suggestions?

Assalamu Alaikum, hope all is well, Insha’Allah. I am of the Hanafi school of thought, but I feel that I do not follow all that being a Hanafi entails, since I do what I’m told to do (bad habit, I know). Do you recommend any…

What in The Qur’an justifies Hadith?

Salam Alaikum. What verses of Quran validate the use of Hadith?

What does Islam say about adoption?

Assalamu alaykum, brother Osama. IMPORTANT question: I heard that Islam does not allow adoption, but that quickly raises questions because of Zayd In Harithah. I don’t know if maybe you studied this and can help me out or clarify. Cause I would think adoption is…

Does a woman have the right to initiate divorce in Islam? [yes]

salam. i have a question regarding divorce in islam. why does the right to divorce is with the husband only and not the wife. I understand that the wife has the right to “annul” the marriage, but ultimately the action of divorce in itself lies…

Halal Meat

Grand Mufti Dr. Ali Gomaa on Halal Meat

What prevents Shariah from being abused?

My brother has been trying to convince me that shariah could work in arabic-speaking countries. I just don’t believe him because I really believe that it is too easy to manipulate Islam in a political setting. And as you mentioned before, there is this idea…

Why can Muslim men marry Christians and Jews?

why does islam allow a man to marry a christian or jewish girl but not a woman to marry a christian or jewish guy?

Shouldn’t Islam be a personal choice? Wouldn’t Shariah violate that?

shouldnt following islam be a personal choice though? sharia law would mean that people would have to follow the rules even if they dont want to right?

Can you explain Istislah and Istihsan in more detail?

Can you explain istislah and istihsan in more detail please?

I don’t know what madhab I am, is that weird?

Is it weird that I don’t kno which school I belong to? As a Muslim born to an Egyptian family all we focused on while growing up was memorizing the quran and praying but no explaining of anything else. I didn’t know about these schools…

Islam and Politics

Islam and Politics

What Are Islamic Scholars?

Islamic Scholars

Why Aren’t There More Female Muslim Scholars?

I agree that “Yes, women can become Islamic scholars, too.” But this is dismissive of the fact that men still dominate Islamic study and discourse at the highest levels. In time, I hope to see women have equal say and influence in all fields of…

The Muslim World’s Problems Are Because Islam Needs Reform [I disagree] Part 1

In many Muslim countries there is a serious problem. The people do not read Arabic (strictly speaking, the Koran may not be translated), and have to rely on barely literate imams to tell them what to think. These imams are misogynistic and bigoted and just…

The Muslim World’s Problems Are Because Islam Needs Reform [I disagree] Part 2

I am very impressed by your answer to my question about the Koran in different languages. I freely confess it was a facetious question, but I was impressed by your personal interpretation. The trouble with Islam, perhaps, is that it is still a consensus religion….

The Muslim World’s Problems Are Because Islam Needs Reform [I disagree] Part 3

When I say “trouble with Islam” I mean it on a micro-level. The way Islam is used in every day life. All the problems you list exist. But also, for example: when a tribal custom becomes confused with the faith. For example: the Burka, or…

If a girl wears Hijab at 9, isn’t that sexualization? [I disagree] Part 1

In some Islamic countries (for example, Iran) a girl is forced to start wearing a hijab from the age of 9. Why is this? Doesn’t that imply that 9 year old girls are sexually attractive? And if that is the case, isn’t that idea in…

If a girl wears Hijab at 9, isn’t that sexualization? [I disagree] Part 2

The American government does not mandate that I participate in a beauty pageant. The Iranian government does mandate that little girls wear a hijab (and really, you could have just Googled it. It’s perfectly true). That’s a serious difference. You ask why Iran and Saudi…

The Idea of an Islamic State

The Idea of an Islamic State

There Are No Secular Arab Countries

You spoke at my school today and you were really interesting. There wasn’t enough time for me to ask my question. My question is: what did you mean when you said that there are no secular countries in the Arab world?

What is Tajdid? Is it Reform?

Osama, Im not Muslim but what is tajdid? Is it reform?

Understanding Scholar’s Financial Incentives

As-salam alaikum brother, I was late to your khutba… can you please explain your statement that to understand scholars you have to understand the money involved?

Opinion on Ibn Taymiyyah

Salam br. Usama, why dont you approve of Ibn Taymiyyah? Why are you afraid of being proud of your deen and being forceful about your beliefs? Is it due to your status as a liberal Muslim?

Can you use Western Practices in Shariah?

Assamalaikum, I hope you’re doing well. Query: When people are going about establishing shariah or what shariah is, to what extent, if any, do you think “western” practices can be adapted or applied? I mean, so people tell me voting is haraam because it contributes…

Why do women in Egypt still wear Hijab? Why is your vision of Shariah different?

you spoke at my university yesterday, and a few of us are wondering 1: why do muslim women in egypt continue to wear hijab? 2: why do you say your vision of sharia is so different to others? and 3: would you date a student…?…

Does Islam have a Infidel Tax? Is it Jizya?

Salam alaikum, Im Muslim, my friend asked me about “infidel tax” & said that would happen if Muslims took over a country & that they have it in Muslim countries… I dont know what to say…

Thoughts on Niqab Ban in Canada?

As-salaam Alaykum, I see that you’re a lawyer mash’Allah. What are your thoughts on the ban of the niqab while taking the citizenship oath in Canada? Should women abide by the law or is this an issue of freedom of religion?

The Relationship of Muslims and Jews

Asalamu Alaikum, I was just wondering about the relationship between Muslims and Jewish people after having a conversation with a Jewish friend of mine. I’ve seen loads of references to Israel while reading the Qur’an and it got me thinking about current issues. And I’m…

The Roots of Today’s Orientalism

The Roots of Today’s Orientalism

Did The Prophet Break Crosses?

Did the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, break crosses? W. Muir’s controversial biography of him states so.

Can we really say Islam is not patriarchal?

Can we really say that Islam is not patriarchal when Muslim wives are instructed to obey/be obedient to their husbands (because the man is the head of the household and in charge of feeding them, clothing them, guiding them and disciplining them)? There is even…

Do people use Hadith to abuse Islam?

Do you agree with this sentiment from Dr. Asma Barlas?: “Many people who are using the hadith are unhappy with the egalitarianism of the Quran. Whatever the Quran opens up, the hadith can shut down.” Going by some of your commentary on the utilization of…

What is your opinion of Dawkins’ Views?

Assalamualaikum. What is your opinion about Dawkin’s views? Not his personality, but his (and his kinds’) views. Thank you.

Should Muslim women be discouraged from work?

Assalmalaikum. I was having a discussing with my mother where we were discussing how women in many Muslim countries are discouraged to work etc. My mom understands that that is wrong, but also pointed out that “women and men were created for different purposes –…

Your opinion on Timur Kuran’s Arguments?

Salaam al-aykum, have you ever read Timur Kuran’s arguments, particularly those in his book “The Long Divergence,” on how Islamic Law stagnated the economy of the Middle East and caused the region to fall behind Europe? If so what is your opinion on that idea?

Does Islam require “Arabization?”

Is continued Arabization of Muslim populations necessary for Islam to flourish? Was it ever necessary to begin with? The legacy of Arabization (often times via force or coercion) in Muslim conquests of the past does not sit very well with me and I feel that…

Isn’t it embarrassing that we argue over certain things in Islam?

I loved your response to that Anon, but don’t you think it’s kind of embarrassing that we even have to argue about whether or not our religion allows women to be judges and that most don’t seem to think so. It’s beyond depressing. Sometimes I…

What race were The Prophets?

Were there any Prophets who were Non-Arab? Like black or Asian?

What do you think of Taqwacores?

What do you think of Taqwacores? or “Punk Islam”?

Does The Qur’an use dehumanizing language against women?

Why does the Quran describe women as fields/tilths for their men to go in to as they please? I’m referring to the common English translations of Q 2:223, which I’ve always felt really uncomfortable with because it’s dehumanizing in a way and I’m not sure…

How the improper implentation of Shariah has led to inaccuracies in how it is viewed?

Salaamualikum! Do you think the implementation of Shari’ah law in various countries has led to the inaccuracies of how it’s sadly viewed as an “oppressive” legal system (i.e. it’s not the laws that are the issue, but how leaders enact upon the laws)? And, with…

The Benefit of Doubt

The Benefit of Doubt

I Have Trouble Praying Consistently

Salam and inshaAllah you’re in good health. For a few years now, I’m having great difficulty in performing my salah (5 daily prayers). After saying “Allahu Akbar” I find it hard to focus and find myself thinking about other things. I also have a bad…

How Do I Overcome Doubt?

Salam aleikum. I get terrible whispers from shaytan, and I begin to question Allah, the Prophet (saw) and the Quran to the point my heart begins to tremble. I read several duas and dhikr…but they keep coming back. At times it feels as though I…

Why Should I Convert to Islam?

Salaam Alykum, I was wondering what would be the best answer to this question “WHY SHOULD I CONVERT TO ISLAM?” I have been asked this a few times and I seem to struggle, I want to answer them in a way that would make them…

Belief in One God, but trouble with believing in a particular religion

In your opinion, if ones believe in the one God but cannot make up ones mind whether to believe in the Books, although ones try, either because ones are confused by Them, not sure of Their authenticity or ones disagree with some things in Them…

Why do you believe in The Qur’an?

why do you believe in quran? i want to but i cant… my parents put lots of pressure on me and i dont like it

Can you believe something is right, without others being wrong?

Can you believe that something is right, without others being wrong? Can the two co-exist?

I used to be very dedicated to Islam, but now I’m not. I can’t blindly follow, can I be a Muslim that doesn’t agree with everything?

I’m losing sight of myself, of my religion I used to be tremendously into Islam & I used to be excited to expand my knowledge & now to be honest there too many things that I just don’t agree with & don’t see myself agreeing…

How do I get closer to God?

Assalamu alaykum. How does someone gets closer to Allah?

Tips on feeling that connection with Allah when praying

Hey, I just want to know some tips on feeling that connection with Allah when praying, as I am not an arabic speaker, its hard to remember the translation of what I am saying. Even If I did, I think it would be difficult to…

What does it mean that God created mankind only to worship Him?

God states in surah ad dariyat that He created mankind and jinn for no other purpose except to worship Him. What does this statement really mean? Elaborate more please. Btw asalamu alaykum bro.

I doubt my faith the more I read, what can I do?

More than a year ago, I started my journey to find the truth. I’ve read tons of books on several aspects of my religion and I’ve come to realize that the more I read the more I get lost. Now I doubt everything and I…

Does it make me a Kafir if I want proof of Islam?

does it make me a Kafir if i try to seek proof that islam is the real religion ? I know it is and i pray and read quran but the satan just always makes me feel like i’m wrong i cry and pray god…

Guilt prevents me from making Dua, what to do?

I have an extreme problem with guilt that keeps me from making duaa and praying and even reading quran. I’m so extremely guilty that I feel weird when I do these things because I ask myself how can I face god when I’ve done this…

How do we know if God is actually good?

The question of concern is how we determine God is good. Is God good because He is God or because he tells us to do things that make us feel good? The issue of when it cannot be both comes when God asks us to…

I pray, read Qur’an, fast, but I still feel distant from Islam, what can I do?

I need advice. Despite the fact that I’ve read your blog, read many articles on Islam, watched videos, read the Qur’an, memorized some of the Qur’an, attended lectures in the mosques, talked to Alims, I still am not satisfied. I’m Muslim, but I feel distant…

Do you think the moon was literally split in half?

Do Muslims believe the moon was literally split in half 1400 years ago? Or was it just an illusion?

How do you improve concentration during prayer?

How do you have khushoo in salah? I get so distracted :/

My brother is mentally challenged, how do I reconcile this with God’s mercy?

I have a brother and he is mentally challenged. He has Cerebral Palsy and I often wonder what is his point in living and why did God create people like this. I love him to death and he’s the sweetest person in the world, but…

The idea that religion is used for comfort bothers me, what’s your opinion?

Salaam, the idea that religion is used for “comfort” always pops into my head and messes with my faith. Like the thought that there is something watching you, guiding you, and testing you is a comforting factor for people and I can’t help but think…

What in The Qur’an can help me?

so im depressed, whats in the quran that will help me?

July 8, 2019

I’m really depressed, I don’t know what to do

assalamu aleikum akhi! i really don’t know what to do anymore! please help me… im really becoming depressed… i cry, and i don’t care about people anymore. i don’t care about anything anymore…. please tell me something that i can do so i can feel…

I’m in a very dark place, I think of suicide, but I don’t want to. I want to die, though. Any advice?

Salaam. I am not really sure how to word my question. I have been going through some very difficult times in the past few years of my life. The result has been an extreme depression and a lot of confusion. I am just constantly really…

I Can’t Stop Crying Over a Boy, I’m Depressed

I’m not happy, Omar. I just cry every day. I feel further away from Allah every day and my heart can’t stop yearning over a boy. I’m a terrible person.

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