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How do we know if God is actually good?

How do we know if God is actually good?


The question of concern is how we determine God is good. Is God good because He is God or because he tells us to do things that make us feel good? The issue of when it cannot be both comes when God asks us to do something we don’t perceive as good. Does our moral guiding framework or subservience to God come first (b/c we use the moral framework to determine Allah is God)? I do have my own conclusion about this but I was interested what you thought.

t can’t, because we’re stupid and limited.

So, to attempt whether God is good is to rationalize and discuss God on our terms and not His. If you want to discuss God, and by this I mean God as described in The Qur’an, then that’s your discussion. To discuss just some sort of “general God” is odd, and more importantly, is simply a reflection of our concerns and perceptions and therefore becomes pure folly because we then go outside a definitional framework for what God does or doesn’t do, and to me, that’s useless.

Therefore, The Qur’an describes God in a way that I feel is most important:

“[but] there is nothing like unto Him” [42:11]

“and there is nothing that could be compared with Him” [112:4]

To determine God is to be above The Creator, and that is impossible according to Islam, therefore, the question has no merit, because it has no possibility, which is the answer I find most satisfying, and logical.

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