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Why I Do Not Deal in Haram/Halal

Why I Do Not Deal in Haram/Halal


Why I do not deal in “Haram/Halal”

Salaam alykum,

I know you are used to me writing very long answers, and I apologize to those who are angered by this, but since I have many questions as to why I do not deal in simple “Haram/Halal” binaries when I deal with Islamic questions, and those people also criticize me for the length of my answers, I would like to explain my position, very quickly:

The Shariah does not deal in simple “Haram” and “Halal,” rather human actions are classified in the following categories:

Fard or Wajib, which means Obligatory

Haram, which means Prohibited

Manduh or Mustahab, which means Recommended

Makruh, which means Detested

Mubah, which means Indifferent

Jaiz, which means Permissible

These are what define the process of classifying human action in the Shariah. These are referred to as the Ahkam. I could go on as to how significant these categories are, and how there is a difference between what is obligatory, recommended, and permissible, or how there is even a category over things that are to be deemed to be worthy of nothing but indifference.

However, I have to remind myself, to be short, and so, this is why I do not like simple “Haram/Halal” binaries, because the Shariah itself doesn’t use it, so why should I?

Don’t trust me? That’s fine. Google it, check out the Islamic resources you trust, ask your Shaykh, but if they don’t know these categories, and more importantly, if you don’t know what these are (and what defines them) then perhaps you should not be lecturing people on what is Islamic and what isn’t?

Insha Allah, I hope this helps, and reaches you and your families in the best of health and Iman.

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