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Can Shariah be applied to the West?

Can Shariah be applied to the West?


Salam Alaikum, Have you been asked or answered if the concept Shari’ah can be applied to western societies?

Wa alykum as-salaam,

I think until Muslims understand what Shariah is, we cannot even ask this question.

The reality is, the American legal system is closer to Shariah (in fact, it is very similar, it’s scary) and far closer to Shariah than any Muslim country’s legal system.

Nearly all major Muslims countries have legal codes that were created by European models, and the majority are Civil Law systems, while Shariah is a Common Law system, which, incidentally, the American and British legal systems are as well.

I have given a lecture about Shariah which you can watch here, but, I don’t think that Shariah, as a legal system, needs to be implemented in Western countries, because we don’t understand it yet, so how can we even expect to ask for it to be applied?

If a Muslim lives in a non-Muslim country, the only issues they have to consider are the following: can they practice their faith and are they dealt with justly?

I would argue that many Western countries, especially in the United States, despite many violations of our civil rights, fulfills those considerations.

Are there things that are problematic? Niqab bans, hijab bans in schools, and so on are all problematic, but, I don’t think the “solution” is to “apply” Shariah, because, the more I speak with other Muslims, and even more worryingly, Muslim leaders, it becomes clear we do not know what Shariah is.

I’ve written an article about the “Islamic State,” which I think might be a good starting point for your question, which you can read here, insha Allah.

Insha Allah, I know that doesn’t exactly answer your question, but, hopefully those resources I have given will help. If you, or anyone else, has any more questions, please do not hesitate to ask me, insha Allah.

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