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Abdullah bin Jahsh (r.a.)

Abdullah bin Jahsh (r.a.)

Hz. Abdullah was the son of Umayma, the son of the paternal aunt of the Prophet. He became a believer in the first days of the call to Islam. Thus, he became vulnerable to attacks and he accepted to face all kinds of torture and inflictions from the polytheists beforehand. When he became a Muslim, he received the greatest reaction from his relatives. Makkans, who were attached to their belief and customs blindly and became severely hostile to those who abandoned their ancestral religion. Abdullah bin Jahsh was exposed to the attacks of the polytheists. He was ready for all kinds of troubles for his belief. However, when the oppression became too unbearable, he joined the Muslim group who went to Abyssinia. He also had his family, two brothers and nurses with him. After having stayed there for a while, he returned to Makkah when he heard the Migration to Madinah.

Hz. Abdullah was an intelligent, shrewd and courageous person who became a self-sacrificing soldier of belief at a young age. The Prophet sent Hz. Abdullah for some important duties.

It was the second year of the Migration. The Messenger of Allah gave Abdullah the following order:

“Come to me tomorrow morning with your arrow, bow, sword and equipment.”

Hz. Abdullah made his preparations started to wait in front of the door of the Prophet after the morning prayer early in the morning.

The Prophet put a group of soldiers under Hz. Abdullah’s command. He gave Abdullah a letter and told him to open it two days later when he arrived at the place that he was told. Hz. Abdullah set off toward Makkah and opened the letter when he arrived at “Nahla”. What to do and how to act was written in the letter. The Prophet had sent him to discover and investigate the situation of Qurayshis.

After a while, they saw a caravan belonging to Quraysh. This caravan carried materials and provisions to Qurayshis, who were making preparations for war. Hz. Abdullah attacked the caravan and seized all the goods. The booty obtained in this expedition was the first booty that Muslims obtained.

The only aim of Abdullah was to please the Messenger of Allah, to attain his love and consent. This love was superior to everything. When the Prophet sent him for this service, he asked “Abdullah! What is the thing you miss the most in the world?” Abdullah had only one thought. He replied, “My greatest aim in the world is the love of Allah and His Messenger. There is nothing else in my mind.” The secret that elevates him lies here.

Abdullah bin Jahsh served the true religion a lot during the time of peace; he was a mujahid and hero in the battlefield. When preparations for the Battle of Uhud started, Hz. Abdullah was one of the first ones who joined.

The army set off and reached a place called “Shaykhayn”. Umm Salama, one of the wives of the Prophet, brought grape juice to the Prophet in a bowl. The Prophet drank some of it and gave the rest to Abdullah. Hz. Abdullah drank all of the grape juice. Meanwhile, a friend of his approached him and asked, “Do you know where the water you will drink in the morning is?” Abdullah desired to be a martyr very much. He said, “I will quench my thirst only when I meet my Lord. Meeting him is better than drinking plenty of water when I feel very thirsty.”

He begged Allah to attain this desire and asked for martyrdom. The battle began and he attacked the polytheists like a lion. Meanwhile, his sword was broken. When the Prophet saw this, he took a date palm branch from the ground, gave it to him, and told him to fight with it. Hz. Abdullah continued fighting with that branch. A ferocious and strong polytheist stood against him. It was difficult for Abdullah to resist him. The time was due and his prayer was accepted. The polytheist hit Abdullah and he flew to Paradise.

The war was over. The Muslims were determining the dead and wounded soldiers. The polytheists had put Abdullah into an unrecognizable state. They had cut off all of his organs put him into a miserable state. This upset the Prophet. Then the Prophet buried Hz. Abdullah, his uncle Hz Hamza. At that time, Hz. Abdullah was 40 years old. May Allah be pleased with him!

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