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Abdurrahman bin Abi Bakr (r.a.)

Abdurrahman bin Abi Bakr (r.a.)

Hz. Abdurrahman was Hz. Abu Bakr’s son. He was also the Prophet’s brother-in-law. Hz. Abdurrahman did not become a Muslim though all of Abu Bakr’s family became Muslims. He took part in the battles of Badir and Uhud in the ranks of the polytheists. He even demanded a warrior to fight one on one. Hz. Abu Bakr wanted to fight his son who transgressed the limits, but the Prophet said to him, “Put your sword in the sheath. We need you.”

Abdurrahman became a Muslim after the Treaty of Hudaybiyya and migrated to Madinah.

Abdurrahman’s real name was “Abduluzza”. The Prophet changed this name, which was the name of an idol and which meant “Uzza’s slave”, to “Abdurrahman”.

When Hz. Abdurrahman became a Muslim, he started to listen to the talk of the Prophet and learn from him.

Hz. Abdurrahman was a mujahid of Islam. He took part in all of the wars and battles that took place after the Treaty of Hudaybiyya.  He fought heroically. He fought enthusiastically in the Battle of Yamama, which was against the apostates. He destroyed the ranks of the enemy. He killed Muhkam bin Tufayl, one of the commanders of the enemy.

Abdurrahman did not accept the caliphate of Yazid. When he was offered money, he replied as follows: “We do not sell our religion for the world.” Then he went to Makkah from Madinah. He lived in Habashi, a place near Makkah. He passed away in 53 H. [ Mustadrak, 3: 473-477. ]

May Allah be pleased with him!

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