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All Traditional Arguments For God’s Existence: Arguments For Divine Unity.Part2

All Traditional Arguments For God’s Existence: Arguments For Divine Unity.Part2

Each particle contains two further true witnesses to the Maker’s necessary existence and Unity. First, a particle can perform many significant activities, although it is absolutely powerlessness. Second, by acting in conformity with the universal order, each particle displays a universal consciousness although it has no life. Each particle testifies through its own impotence to the necessary existence of the Absolutely All-Powerful One, and by acting in conformity with the universal order to His Unity.

  • Each person is a miniature universe, a fruit of the tree of creation or the universe, and a seed of this world, for each of us contains samples of most living species. It is as if each person were a drop distilled from the universe, having the most subtle and sensitive balance. To create such a living being and to be its Lord requires having total control of the universe.
  • Given this, we understand that the following things represent stamps unique to the Creator of all things, the All-Majestic Lord of the universe: making a honeybee a small index of most things; inscribing most of the universe’s features in humans; including the program for a fig tree’s life cycle in a tiny fig seed; exhibiting the works of all Divine Names manifested throughout the universe in the human heart; and recording in our memory, located in a lentilsized place, enough information to fill a library, as well as a detailed index of all events in the universe.
  • All life is a symphony of mutual helping. Just like a living body’s members and organs, systems and cells, all parts of the universe support and help each other. For example, air and water, soil and the sun, work together so that a single apple can come into existence. Like a factory’s components or a palace’s building blocks, creatures support and aid each other, and cooperate to meet each other’s needs in perfect orderliness. Joining efforts, they serve living beings. Elements in the soil aid plants by helping them come into existence and survive. Most animals live on plants, and people live on plants and animals. Thus, elements form the basic foundation of a living being’s physical constitution.By obeying Acting this rule of mutual assistance, which is in force throughout the universe-from the sun and moon, night and day, winter and summer, to plants helping needy and hungry animals, animals helping humanity, nutritious substances helping infants, and fruits and food particles helping the body’s cells-they demonstrate that they are acting through the power of a single, Most Munificent Upbringer, and at the command of a single, Most Wise Administrator.
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