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Death and The Spirit After Death.Part2

Death and The Spirit After Death.Part2

Since the death of fruits and vegetables and meat in our stomachs causes us to rise to the degree of human life, in this sense their deaths can be regarded as more perfect than their lives. Since the dying of plants is so perfect and serves so great a purpose, our deaths, given that we are the highest form of life, must be much more perfect and serve a still greater purpose. After we have been buried, we certainly will be brought into eternal life.

Death releases us from the hardships of worldly life—a turbulent, suffocating, narrow dungeon of space that gradually becomes harder through old age and affliction—and admits us to the infinitely wide circle of the Eternal, Beloved One’s mercy. There, we may enjoy the everlasting company of our beloved ones and the consolation of a happy, eternal life.

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