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False Arguments About the Origin of Existence: Arguments For The Existence of Invisible Beings.Part1

False Arguments About the Origin of Existence: Arguments For The Existence of Invisible Beings.Part1

Let’s consider some positive arguments for the existence of spirit beings.

• Matter serves life, not the other way around. Science cannot explain life or how organic matter acquires life. Although matter appears to be the basis for or serves as a receiver of life, it is clearly not its originator. So, life is sent from the immaterial dimensions of existence. God infuses it into matter or inorganic substances via something immaterial and invisible. We call this spirit. The particular features of each spirit makes each individual unique, although they are formed of the same physical elements.

• Life does not depend on matter. On the contrary, life makes a tiny body greater than a huge one. For example, life makes a fly or a bird greater than a mountain. Life enables a honeybee to claim the Earth as its garden, establish relations with all flowers, and enter into transactions with them. Again, the more refined matter is, the more developed and active life is. Life’s development and activity has nothing to do with physical size A fly or a flea is more active and has sharper senses than a camel or rhinoceros.

• This world is the arena in which God manifests His Will through natural causes. But life is the result of the direct manifestation of His Name the Ever-Living. Thus, as long as science insists on its positivistic, even materialistic, viewpoint, it will never penetrate the mystery of life. [*]

[*] Scientists restrict the concept of life to the conditions that ob-tain on or beneath Earth’s outer surface. Therefore, when they look for extraterrestrial life, they look for conditions that are the same as or closely correspond to the conditions for life on Earth. If they had retained a sufficient sense of the absolute wonder of life (an aspect of life’s being a direct manifestation of the Ever-Living), they should not have ruled out forms and conditions of life currently beyond their understanding. In their view, the arguments put forward by Said Nursi for the existence of angels and other spirit beings may not be worthy of consideration. However, the latest discoveries in deepsea biology may persuade them to review his arguments. Writing at the beginning of the 1930s, Said Nursi stated:

Reality and wisdom in the existence of the universe require that the heavens should have conscious inhabitants of their own, as does the Earth. These inhabitants of many different kinds are called angels and spirit beings in the language of religion.

It is true that reality requires the existence of angels and other spirit beings because the Earth, although insignifi-cant in size compared with the heavens, is continually being filled with and emptied of conscious beings. This clearly indicates that the heavens … are filled with living beings who are the perfect class of living creatures. These beings are conscious and have perception, and they are light of existence; they are the angels, who, like the jinn and mankind, are the observers of the universal palace of creation and students of this book of the universe and heralds of their Lord’s Kingdom.

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