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False arguments about the origin of existence Part3

False arguments about the origin of existence Part3

Natural causes have neither knowledge nor will nor power so that they can be responsible for things to come into existence which evidently require knowledge and will to come into existence

•Materialists take the conjunction of events for causality. That is, if two events coexist, they imagine that one causes the other. In their determination to deny the Creator they make claims like: water causes plants to grow.

*They never ask how water knows what to do, how it does it and what qualities it has that enable plants to grow?

*Does water possess the knowledge and power to grow plants?

*Does it know the laws or properties of the formation of plants?

*Or, if we attribute the growth of a plant to the laws themselves or nature itself, do the laws or nature know the properties of the formation of plants?

•While some sort or amount of knowledge, will and power are absolutely necessary to make the least thing, for example, to build a cottage, to write an article, should it not be necessary an all-encompassing knowledge, and an absolute will and power to make this universe, so complex, amazing and miraculous that in the ‘age of information’ our knowledge about it is very scanty.

Consider a flower.

*How does its beauty come about and who has designed the relationship between it and man’s senses of smell and seeing and faculty of appreciation?

*Can the unconscious, ignorant and deaf seed, or soil or sunlight have done this?

*Do they have the knowledge, the power or the will even to make a flower, let alone make it beautiful?

*Can man, the only conscious and knowledgeable being on the earth, make a single flower?

•A flower can only exist with the whole universe in place first: to produce one single flower, therefore, one must be able to produce the whole universe in which it exists, that is, have absolute power, knowledge and will, which are the attributes of God alone.

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