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Hilm (Gentleness).Part1

Hilm (Gentleness).Part1

Hilm means being inclined to gentleness or  mildness; this adjective describes a person who is quiet and peaceful, slow to anger, quick to forgive, and who is in control of their lower nature. 

  • It also encompasses good akhlaq because it embodies behavior like patience and tolerance in the face of unpleasant situations, keeping one’s cool when provoked, and remaining dignified, serious and calm in response to distressing or unkind treatment.
  • Hilm, along with humility, is one of the characteristics that most pleases God.

In fact, these two dispositions are the source and origin of all other good character traits.

  • In addition to dignity and calm, hilm also means to act with consciousness and without haste.

The result is a good and moral manner which pleases God. Hilm is one of the basic elements of good morality. With hilm it is also possible to perfect the mind and to improve other aspects of one’s temperament. Just as knowledge can be gained through learning, so hilm can be attained by making an effort. In other words, it is possible to reach hilm by working.

  • Hilm is also closely related to controlling one’s negative responses and reactions.

It is much more difficult for those who cannot control or reign their temper to attain a state of hilm. Scholars consider the ability to act with hilm to be among the most virtuous practices.

Humans are distinguished and privileged among all creatures. God Almighty blessed people with lofty attributes that He endowed on no other creature, like intelligence, conscience, mercy, compassion, empathy, and the desire to help, respect, and honor. For this reason, the human being is the most valuable being in all creation.

As we can see, hilm indicates total gentleness, as well as behavior such as overlooking faults, forgiving others, and being open to everyone for the sake of dialogue.

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