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How to make Dua: Tip #28

How to make Dua: Tip #28

To use the Proper names and attributes of Allah

Allah has many Names and Attributes, it is good to use specific ones when asking for things, such as calling Allah, Ar-Razaq, when wanting sustenance.

To Allah belong the Most Beautiful Names and Perfect Attributes. One of the purposes of these Names and Attributes is so that believers can increase in their Love for Allah when they contemplate the meanings of these Names and Attributes. One of the best ways to truly understand and comprehend the meaning of these Names and Attributes is to use the appropriate one when making dua.

So, when one is asking for forgiveness, one should use the Names that are appropriate to the concept of forgiveness, such as al-Tawwab (the One who continually accepts Repentance) or al-Razzaq (the One who Provides, when asking for sustenance. Whatever a person is asking for there will be an appropriate Divine Name or Attribute that one can use.

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