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How to make Dua: Tip #47

How to make Dua: Tip #47

Times when Dua is answered: Dua when the Adhan is called

A specific condition is mentioned in various ahadeeth singling out the time after the Adhaan as being a time in which your dua is responded to.

The Prophet [May Peace and Blessings be upon him] said: “Two (duas) are never rejected: the dua during the call for prayer, and the dua during the calamity, when the two armies attack each other”. [Abu Dawud #2540, Ibn Majah, and al-Hakim, from Sahl ibn Sa’d]

In another Hadith: “When the prayer is called, doors of the skies are opened, and the dua is answered” [al-Tayalisi in his Musnad #2106; al-Sahihah #1413]

And in another one: “Seek the response to your duas when the armies meet, and the prayer is called, and when rain falls” [al-Shafi’i in his al-Umm 1/223, al-Sahihah #1469]

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