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How to make Dua: Tip #48

How to make Dua: Tip #48

Times when Dua is answered: Dua between the Adhan and the Iqamah

It is mentioned in a hadith that the dua said between the adhan and the iqamah is not refused, so we are encouraged to make dua during this time.

This is one of the best times for the prayer to be accepted, and what a great blessing it is! Five times every day, while a worshipper is waiting to offer his prayers to Allah, he is given the opportunity to ask from Him his needs of this world and the Hereafter.

Anas ibn Malik narrated that the Prophet [May Peace and Blessings be upon him] said: “The dua said between the adhan and iqamah is not refused, therefore offer your duas (at this time)” [Ahmad, Abu Dawud #521, al-Tirmidhi #212 from Anas ibn Malik. Sahih al-Jami #3408]

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