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Spells and Sorcery.Part1

Spells and Sorcery.Part1

Those who deny spells and sorcery do so either because they do not believe in anything related to metaphysics or what they suppose to be connected with religion, or because they are unaware of realities beyond the physical realm. A man in his fifties once told me:

Until last year I did not believe in spells and sorcery. However, last year one of my relatives went mad. When he had a fit, he became rigid with his eyes fixed on a certain point. We sought the help of every doctor, but in vain. Finally, we went to someone who could break spells. He recited incantations and did some other things. On the way back, the patient asked in a normal tone: “Where am I? What happened to me?” He had recovered. I now believe that sorcery is real.

Most of us have heard of or even seen such cases. As the Prophet, upon him be peace and blessings, declared that the evil eye is an undeniable fact, sorcery is also an undeniable reality. The Qur’an speaks about (and severely condemns) the sorcery practiced to cause a rift between spouses. According to the Qur’an and Islam, sorcery and casting spells are as sinful as unbelief.

While breaking a spell is a good, meritorious deed, it must not be adopted and practiced as a profession. Although our Prophet, upon him be peace and blessings, met with jinn, preached Islam to them, and took their allegiance, he never explained how to contact them or how to cast or break a spell. However, he taught how jinn approach us and seek to control us, how to protect ourselves against their evil, and how to protect ourselves against the evil eye.

The safest way to be protect ourselves against evil spirits is to have a strong loyalty to God and His Messenger, upon him be peace and blessings. This requires following the principles of Islam strictly. In addition, we should never give up praying, for prayer is a weapon against hostility, protects us from harm, and helps us to attain our goals.

Praying. Prayer does not mean to ignore and neglect material means in attaining goals. Rather, prayer can be divided into four types. First is that which reaches to the Court of God from the whole universe. For example, plants and animals pray through the tongue of their potential to achieve a full form and to manifest certain Divine Names. Second is that which is expressed in the tongue of natural needs. All living beings pray to God, the Absolutely Generous One, to satisfy their vital needs, for they cannot do so themselves. Third is that which is done in the tongue of complete helplessness. A living creature in straitened circumstances takes refuge in its Unseen Protector with a genuine supplication, and turns to its All-Merciful Lord. These three kinds of prayer are always acceptable unless somehow impeded.

The fourth type of prayer is the one we do. This also falls into two categories: active and by disposition, and verbal and with the heart. For example, acting in accordance with causes is active prayer. By complying with causes, we try to gain God’s approval for our requests, for only God can produce the result. For example, plowing the soil is an active prayer, for it involves actually knocking at the door of the treasury of God’s Mercy. Similarly, going to a doctor is an active prayer for recovery from illness. For this reason, believers must seek medical help when ill. Believing psychiatrists should be preferred in cases of mental illnesses, for innumerable cases show that most mental illnesses are not due to material causes and that (physical) therapy cannot cure them. Most of them require spiritual therapy. This active type of prayer is usually acceptable, for it is a direct application to the Divine Name the All-Generous.

The second type of prayer, which is done with the tongue and the heart, is the real one. It is to ask God from the heart for something that we cannot obtain on our own. Its most important aspect and finest and sweetest fruit is that the supplicants know that He hears them, is aware of whatever occurs to their hearts, has power that extends everywhere, can satisfy all their desires, and helps them because He is merciful to the weak and helpless.

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