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Studying and Learning.Part1

Studying and Learning.Part1

The basis of acquiring knowledge is reading and studying. 

The first revelation of God’s Word to Muhammad (peace and  blessings  be  upon  him),  the  first  command  of  his Prophethood, began with the command, “Read!” This announced a fundamental principle. Let us revisit these verses in Sura Alaq, the first verses of the Qur’an to be revealed:

  1. Read in and with the Name of your Lord, Who has created–
  2. created man from a clot clinging (to the wall of the womb)!
  3. Read, and your Lord is the All-Munificent,
  4. Who has taught (man) by the pen–
  5. taught man what he did not know! (96:1–5)

The first revelation begins with the command to read the miracle of creation through faith in God and knowledge of Him. Then it refers to the creation of human beings, encouraging contemplation on this miraculous occurrence in the second verse. It continues with another directive to “read,” and refers  to  “the pen,” “teaching/learning” (between God and people), “knowing” and “knowledge.” 

It is one of God’s great blessings that man, at first an insignificant being, was given knowledge that elevated humankind to the highest level over all other creatures. Being taught not only knowledge, but also the use of the pen, humankind has thus been entrusted with the duty of spreading this knowledge far and wide, using it for development and progress, and preserving it for future generations. If it were not for the revelation of God and the blessings of abilities that are represented by “the pen” and “the book,” humanity could not have accomplished all the achievements that have been constructed on the accumulated wisdom of centuries.

  • The basic state of humanity was unenlightened until God blessed us, allowing us to grow in knowledge.
  • At every stage knowledge was given as a blessing and the doors of learning were opened by God.
  • That which people thought they themselves had developed, in truth was given to them by their Creator without their realizing it.
  •  For this reason, everyone who has some knowledge should recognize the true Source of such blessings, praising and turning to the One Who granted them, and employing them in a manner that is pleasing to God. 

This will ensure that knowledge will never separate a person from God or cause them to forget  Him.

Any “knowledge” that distances a person from their Creator is divorced from its basic purpose. It can never be of benefit to people or make them happy, for it can produce only evil, depression, or destruction. As such knowledge has deviated from the Source of knowledge it has lost its direction and no longer leads to the Path of God. Therefore, it is crucial that someone who attains knowledge not forget, even for a moment, that the power and authority the knowledge has brought can be used for right or for wrong, and all persons will be  responsible  to  the  Originator  of that knowledge for the way it is used.

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