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Sumayra bint Qays (r.anha)

Sumayra bint Qays (r.anha)

When the rumor that the Muslims were defeated and that the Messenger of Allah was martyred during the Battle of Uhud reached Madinah, one of the women that ran to the battlefront was Sumayra bint  Qays (r.anha).

  • Hz. Sumayra’s father, husband, brother and son also took part in the Battle of Uhud. However, she was wondering about the Messenger of Allah more than her family. 

When she arrived at Uhud, she saw the dead bodies of her father, husband, brother and son in pieces. All of them had been martyred. The Companions gave Hz. Sumayra their condolences and asked her to be patient. However, Sumayra asked about the Messenger of Allah insistently,

“How is the Messenger of Allah? What is he doing?” 

They said,

“Thank Allah, he is fine.” 

However, she did not believe them. She wanted to see the Prophet. They told her where he was. Sumayra ran toward there. When she saw that the Messenger of Allah was alive, she said, patiently and in reliance to Allah,

“O Messenger of Allah! May my mother and father be sacrificed for you! All misfortunes are all right for me since you are alive.”

Yes, Hz. Sumayra believed that she would be able to see her father, brother and husband in the hereafter. For, they gained a high rank by becoming martyrs in the way of Allah. There was no need to feel sorry for them. In fact, she would also have seen the Messenger of Allah in the hereafter if he had been martyred but she wanted to see him again in the world and learn more things from him.

On the other hand, Islam would have continued to illuminate hearts. Others would have replaced them. However, if the Messenger of Allah had been harmed, what would have happened to the Muslims? That was why she wondered about the health of the Messenger of Allah. They liked the Messenger of Allah like that. This was the secret that elevated them and made them too high to reach.( Hilya, 2: 71. )

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