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Supernormal Phenomena.Part3

Supernormal Phenomena.Part3

Jinn live longer than us, are active in broader dimensions (realms) of time and space, are much quicker than us, and can see things that we cannot. However, they cannot see the future and we should not believe their predictions, even though a very few of them do come true. In the past, American and Soviet intelligence services competed with each other in studying telepathy and other supernormal ways of communication. As will be explained later, in a not-too-distant future, world powers will use jinn to communicate with each other, especially in intelligence matters. However, it is dangerous to seek to contact and communicate with jinn or devils, for such beings can easily assert their influence and control those seekers.

A psychiatrist friend relates the following account:

I was invited to a necromantic event in a house in Samsun (a province in northern Turkey). The youngest daughter arranged cups and letters on a table. One of the friends present invited the soul of his late grandfather. After several calls, a man appeared. When we asked him insistently who he was, he answered: “Satan.” We were greatly astonished. A while later, I asked him why he had come although we had not called him. He wrote on the table with the cups: “So I come!” I asked him whether he believed in God. He wrote “No!” When I asked whether he believed in the Prophet, again he wrote, “No!” I began reading to him some passages from a book concerning the existence of God. When I read: “A factory with such and such features points to the engineer who planned and built it,” he wrote: “True”; but when I read: “So too the universe with all the planets and particularly the world with all plants and animals in it indicate God,” he wrote, “No!” This continued for some time, and I began reciting to him from Jawshan al-Kabir (The Great Armor), a collection of supplications to God. While I was reciting, the cups were moving on the table. Meantime he wrote: “Give up that nonsense!” When I continued to recite, he could not endure listening and disappeared.

Like such supernormal experiences, observations of some doctors at the time of death also prove the existence of the spirit and spirit beings. What Bedri Ruhselman reports in Ruh ve Kainat (The Spirit and the Universe) from a doctor agrees fully with the observations of a group of doctors from Holland, which were published in the newspapers. A doctor narrates:

My wife was ill. When she went into the pangs of death, two things resembling two clouds descended into the room and hovered above her head. Meanwhile a form appeared, which was connected to my wife on the nape of the neck with a cord and was fluttering. This continued for five hours. In the end, the cord broke off and the form, the spirit, rose away. This was the end of my wife’s life.

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