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Sūrah Tā-Hā:(20:13)

Sūrah Tā-Hā:(20:13)

وَأَنَا اخْتَرْتُكَ فَاسْتَمِعْ لِمَا يُوحَىٰ

I have chosen you (to be My Messenger), so listen to what is revealed (to you). (Tā-Hā 20:13)

Moses’ being chosen as a Messenger to the Children of Israel was both a great honor and a trial for him. He received this noble position as an early reward in return for his future devoutness and firmness, and he eternalized this otherworldly capital with his consciousness of responsibility, Prophetic determination, humbleness, modesty, and straightforwardness.

Actually, Moses, peace be upon him, had been raised up in Pharaoh’s palace with great care, treated like a prince, and held in great honor. In reality, returning among the people who were despised, enslaved, and exposed to frequent killings by the Pharaoh was not an easy problem to overcome for someone like him. However, Prophet Moses, peace be upon him, overcame this difficulty and became one of the few who have reached the summit of human values and perfection. These fine and meaningful lines of his character explain the meaning and reason of God’s choosing him to be His Messenger.

Moses was chosen not by the Pharaoh’s palace or the Children of Israel but directly by God to be an addressee and representative of the Divine Speech and then convey it to others in order to found a new world with Its directives.

So, by addressing him,

“I have chosen you (to be My Messenger), so listen to what is revealed (to you),”

God did not only do him a special favor, but He also showed him the horizon of developing into a whole nation (while Moses himself was an individual) according to the profundity of his goal, intention, and effort.

This address contained both glad tidings of a Divine selection and appointment as well as a reminder of a responsibility.

It is quite normal that the address was so fine because the speech belonged to God Almighty, and the addressee was the one who had the ability of receiving God’s speech.

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