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Sūratu’l-An‘ām [Cattle]: (6:124).Part3

Sūratu’l-An‘ām [Cattle]: (6:124).Part3

اللَّهُ أَعْلَمُ حَيْثُ يَجْعَلُ رِسَالَتَهُ

God knows best upon whom (and where, when and in what language) to place His Message.(Al-An‘ām 6:124)

The following issue is also worth discussing:

Nobody has ever been and will ever be able to reach the point that the Beloved Prophet reached in respect to the quality and quantity of the light he has ceaselessly spread, and we have received the Message of the Prophet without the slightest change. 

This is the most manifest sign of his and his Message’s exceptional greatness. For there are many religions throughout the globe, and in all of these religions, the Divine Message has been distorted and altered to certain extents in the course of time. It is only in Islam that the Divine Message preserves itself with all its truth and with all its dimensions.

2. Spatial aspect of Divine Messengership

The verse,

“God knows best upon whom (and where) to place His Message” 

is full of wisdom with respect to Divine Messengership that Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, appeared in Makkah.

As it is well known, Makkah surrounds the navel (center) of the earth. The Ka‘bah is the navel or central point of the earth and the heart of all existence.

  •  According to the people of spiritual unveiling, the Ka‘bah was created together with the Beloved Prophet, upon him be peace and blessings. The Truth of the Ka‘bah is identical to the Truth of (Prophet Muhammad as) Ahmad, upon him be peace and blessings. Since the person of Prophet Muhammad was apparently a worldly being, some saints went wrong by asserting that the truth of the Ka‘bah is ahead of the Truth of Muhammad.
  • However, the fact is that the Truth of Muhammad is never secondary to the Truth of the Ka‘bah. These are like the two sides to one coin. Therefore, if a universal Divine Message is to be represented in any place on the earth, it is certain that the place should be the Ka‘bah, which mothered Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings. It must be because of this that the Qur’ān calls Makkah as “Ummu’l Qurā” (The Mother of Towns).
  • Truly, Makkah became the native town of the Prophet, raising him in it like a womb. Similarly, Moses received the Divine Message concerning the Children of Israel not at Aykah in Midian, where he spent many years after he fled from Egypt, or any other place, but at the holy site of Mount Sinai, which would resonate with Judaism. Thus, a universal Message for all humankind like the Qur’ān would be manifested in and spread throughout the world from the town where the Ka‘bah is located, and it happened so.

Another aspect of this point is as follows:

Makkah is a quite strategic and significant town. 

Especially with respect to the time when it was honored with the Divine Message, it was a place where or around which the waves rising from the countries around and the superpowers of the time met and collided.

Besides, both Makkah and Madīnah are among the cities which became cradles for many ancient civilizations such as Sheba (Saba’) and Ahqaf. According to what history tells us, a person who set off from Yemen would arrive in the Hijaz (where Makkah and Madīnah are) without seeing the sun. The region was utterly green and full of forests. The Qur’ān mentions the dwelling places of the civilization of Sheba as surrounded by paradisiacal gardens.

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