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The birth of Jesus (pbuh) & The family of Imran (Joachim): Part 2

The birth of Jesus (pbuh) & The family of Imran (Joachim): Part 2

Even The best of Mankind , Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said that Maryam ( peace be upon her ) is one of the best women that were ever created and she is among the 4 that were granted Jannah ( heaven ).

Allah has purified Maryam ( peace be upon her ) over all of the women of the world.

What makes Maryam (peace be upon her ) so special is the fact that Allah has not associated her with Isa ( peace be upon him ) in all the ayat (verses) of the Holy Quran . Maryam’s ( peace be upon her) greatness is not tied to Isa ( peace be upon him ) .She is not just a woman who was great just because she happened to be the mother of a prophet ,she is recognized as a woman who perfected her faith and modesty.

In another narration our Prophet ( peace and blessings be upon him ) says :

“There is no newborn except the Shaytan pokes him in his side, thereby coming out crying, except Maryam and her son.”

This is the proof that Hannah’s prayer to have her progeny saved from the devil was answered.

(In response to her mother’s sincerity and purity of intention in dedicating the child,) her Lord accepted her with gracious favor and enabled to her a good growth (upbringing), and entrusted her to the care of Zachariah. Whenever Zachariah went in to her in the Sanctuary, he found her provided with food. “Mary,” he asked, “how does this come to you?” “From God,” she answered. Truly God provides to whomever He wills without reckoning ( Holy Quran , Al-‘Imran 37)

Hannah’s vow and wish to dedicate her one and only child to the service of the Temple was accepted by Allah. Hannah desired to see her daughter among the pious , so that she would be surrounded by good examples she could learn from.

Since Maryam ( peace be upon her ) was still a child, she needed someone to protect and feed her.  Zakariya (Zachariah) ( peace be upon him ) volunteered.

Allah chose Zakariya ( peace be upon him ) to be Maryam’s ( peace be upon her ) caretaker since he was the best among the people and had the most knowledge of that time.

When he saw the miracles Allah bestowed upon Maryam ( peace be upon her ) and how easily her prayers were answered Zakariya ( peace be upon him )  asked Allah for a child in order to further carry on the message of Allah.

At that point, Zachariah turned to his Lord in prayer and said: “My Lord, bestow upon me out of Your grace a good, upright offspring. Truly, You are the All-Hearer of prayer.

It was when, after some time, he stood praying in the Sanctuary that the angels called to him: “God gives you the glad tidings of John, to confirm a Word from God, and as one lordly, perfectly chaste, a Prophet, among the righteous. ”

“Lord,” said he (Zachariah), “How shall I have a son when old age has overtaken me, and my wife is barren?” “Just so,” he (the angel) said, (quoting God): “God does whatever He wills.”( Holy Quran , Al-‘Imran 38-40)

“Lord,” he (Zachariah) entreated, “appoint a sign for me. ” “Your sign,” He said, “is that you will not be able to speak to people for three days except by gesture. And (meanwhile) remember and mention your Lord much, and glorify Him in the afternoon and the early hours of morning. ” (Holy Quran , Al-‘Imran 41)

Immediately, his wish was answered.

In another verse Allah mentions that Zakariya ( peace be upon him ) refrained from engaging in worldly matters, but continued to utter the praise of Allah.

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