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The concept of Diety and God Almighty.Part2

The concept of Diety and God Almighty.Part2

Some of God’s Names are as follows:

Allah: Translated as God, Allah is the proper Name of the Divine Being Who creates and administers His creatures, individually and as a whole, Who provides, brings up, sustains, protects, guides each and all, Who causes to perish and revives each and all, Who rewards or punishes, and so on. All His Attributes are Attributes of absolute perfection, and He is absolutely free from any and all defects.

He is Unique and Single, having no like or resemblance and nothing is comparable to Him. He is absolutely beyond any human conception. He is the Unique, Single Being with the exclusive right to be worshiped and to be made the sole aim of life. He is loved in and of Himself. Everything is dependent on Him and subsists through Him.

Every truth has its source in Him. Knowledge of God (in the sense of the Arabic “ilm) is impossible in respect of His Being or Essence (Dhat). Because there is none like or comparable unto Him, it is therefore impossible to grasp or comprehend His Essence. However, we can recognize God or have some knowledge of Him (in the sense of the Arabic ma‘rifah) through His works, acts, Names, Attributes and Essential Qualities (shu‘un).

Awareness of His works (what we see in the world, His creation) leads us to become aware of His acts, and that awareness leads us to His Names and Attributes which, in turn, lead us to His Essential Qualities, and thence to an awareness of the One Who has these Qualities.

(Al-)‘Adl: The All-Just
(Al-)‘Afuww: The All-Pardoning (Who overlooks the faults of His servants); The One Who grants remission; The One Who excuses much
(Al-) Ahad: The Unique One (Who is beyond all kinds of human conceptions of Him and absolutely free from having any partners, likes, parents, sons or daughters)
(Al-)Ahir: The Last (Whom there is none that will outlive)
(Al-)‘Alim: The All-Knowing(Al-)Aliyy. The All-Exalted
(Al-)Amin: The One in Whom Refuge is Sought
(Al-) ‘Atuf: The All-Affectionate
(Al-)Awwal: The First (Whom there is none that precedes)
(Al-)‘Aziz: The All-Glorious with irresistible might (Whom none can prevent from doing what He wills)
(Al-)Baqi: The All-Permanent
(Al-)Bari: The All-Holy Creator (Who is absolutely free from having any partners and Who makes every being perfect and different from others)
(Al-)Basir: The All-Seeing
(Al-)Batin: The All-Inward (Who encompasses the whole existence from within in His Knowledge, and there is none that is more penetrating than Him)
(Ad-)Dayyan: The Supreme Ruler and All-Requiting (of good and evil)
(Al-)Fard: The All-Independent, Single One (free from having any equals or likes in His Essence and Attributes)
(Al-)Fatir: The All-Originating (with a unique individuality)
(Al-)Fattah: The One Who judges between people with truth and separates
(Al-)Ghaniyy: The All-Wealthy and Self-Sufficient

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