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The concept of Diety and God Almighty.Part3

The concept of Diety and God Almighty.Part3

(Al-)Habib: The All-Loving and Loved
(Al-)Hadi: The All-Guiding
(Al-)Hafiz: The All-Preserving and Keeper of records
(Al-)Hakim: The All-Wise (in Whose every act and decree there are many instances of wisdom)
(Al-)Halim: The All-Clement (showing no haste to punish the errors of His servants)
(Al-)Hamid: The All-Praiseworthy (as the Lord Who creates, provides, and rears)
(Al-)Hannan: The All-Kind and Caring
(Al-)Haqq: The Ultimate Truth and Ever-Constant
(Al-)Hayy: The All-Living
(Al-)Jabbar: The All-Compelling of supreme majesty (Who subdues wrong and restores right)
(Al-)Jalil: The All-Majestic
(Al-)Jamil: The All-Gracious and All-Beautiful
(Al-)Jawad: The All-Generous
(Al-)Kabir: The All-Great
(Al-)Kafi: The All-Sufficing
(Al-)Karim: The All-Munificent
(Al-)Khabir: The All-Aware
(Al-)Khaliq: The Creator (Who determines measure for everything and brings it into existence out of nothing)
(Al-)Latif: The All-Subtle (penetrating into the most minute dimensions of all things); the All-Favoring
(Al-)Mahmud: The All-Praised
(Al-)Malik: The Sovereign
(Al-)Mannan: The All-Bounteous and Favoring
(Al-)Ma’ruf: The One Known (with His works); the All-Recognized
(Al-)Mubin: The One from Whom nothing is hidden and Who makes all truth manifest
(Al-)Mughni: The All-Enriching
(Al-)Muhaymin: The All-Watchful Guardian
(Al-)Muhit: The All-Encompassing
(Al-)Muhsin: The All-Benevolent
(Al-)Muhyi: The One Who revives, Who gives life to the dead
(Al-)Mu’in: The All-Helping and Supplying
(Al-)Mu‘izz: The All-Exalting and Honoring
(Al-)Mujib: The All-Answering (of prayers) and Meeting (of needs)
(Al-)Mu’min: The Supreme Author of safety and security Who bestows faith and removes all doubt
(Al-)Mumit: The One Causing to Die; the All-Dealer of death
(Al-)Mundhir: The All-Informing and Warning
(Al-)Murid: The All-Willing
(Al-)Musawwir: The All-Fashioning
(Al-)Mutakabbir: The One Who has exclusive right to all greatness
(Al-)Mu‘ti: The All-Granting
(An-)Nur: The All-Light
(Al-)Qaim: The All-Observing and Controlling
(Al-)Qadir: The All-Powerful
(Al-)Qahhar: The All-Overwhelming (with absolute sway over all that exists)
(Al-)Qarib: The All-Near
(Al-)Qawiyy: The All-Strong
(Al-)Qayyum: The Self-Subsisting (by Whom all subsist)
(Al-)Quddus: the All-Holy and All-Pure (Who is absolutely free of any defect and keeps the universe clean)
(Ar-)Rabb: The Lord (God as the Creator, Provider, Trainer, Upbringer, and Director of all creatures)
(Ar-) Rahim: The All-Compassionate (Who has particular compassion for each of His creatures in their maintenance, and for His believing servants, especially in the other world)
(Ar-) Rahman: The All-Merciful (Who has mercy on the whole existence and provides for all without making a distinction between believers and unbelievers)
(Ar-)Rauf: The All-Pitying
(Ar-)Razzaq: The All-Providing
(As-)Sabur: The All-Patient (Whom no haste induces to rush into an action)
(As-)Salam: The Supreme Author of peace and salvation
(As-)Samad: The Eternally-Besought-of-All (Himself being needy of nothing)
(As-)Sami‘: The All-Hearing
(As-) Sani’: The Maker
(As-)Sattar: The All-Veiling (of His servants’ shortcomings and sins)
(Ash-)Shafi: The All-Healing
(Ash-) Shahid: The All- Witnessing
(Ash-)Shakur: The All-Responsive (to the gratitude of His creatures)
(As-)Subhan: The All-Glorified
(As-)Sultan: The Absolute, Eternal Authority
(At-)Tawwab: The One Who accepts repentance and returns it with liberal forgiveness and additional reward
(Al-)Wadud: The All-Tender and Excusing; The All-Loving and All-Beloved
(Al-)Wahhab: The All-Bestowing
(Al-) Wahid:  The One (having no partners and equals; One Who manifests all His Names upon the whole of the universe, or a species, or on a whole)
(Al-) Wakil: The One to rely on and to Whom affairs should be entrusted
(Al-)Waliyy: The Guardian, the Protecting Friend (to rely on)
(Al-)Warith: The One Who survives all beings and inherits them
(Al-)Wasi‘: The All-Embracing (in His Mercy)
(Az-)Zahir: The All-Outward (Who encompasses the whole of existence from the outside, and there is none that encompasses Him)

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