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The Crucifixion, Judas Iscariot & Jesus’ Ascension

The Crucifixion, Judas Iscariot & Jesus’ Ascension

Those that had an important role in society and considered themselves superior wanted to get rid of the pure, weak worshippers that were following Isa’s ( peace be upon him ) path . Naturally, they wanted to defend themselves . This is when Isa ( peace be upon him ) gave them the most beautiful advice that soon enough was going to become the most famous saying of his. He advised them that if one was slapped on the left cheek, then to offer the offender the right as well. He assured them that Allah is the One and Only who grants victory and success.

The Jews went to the Romans and all the local kings that had taken over Palestine. They instigated fear and hatred for Isa (peace be upon him), lying that he aimed towards stealing their kingdom.

Knowing that the prophet called for resistance of temptations and a pious life, they feared that their world (which more or less was based on the opposite of Allah’s commands) was coming to an end and decided to have Isa ( peace be upon him ) crucified.

Since Isa ( peace be upon him ) held a very important place in Allah’s sight, he had been told by Angel Jibril about the conspiracy calling for his death.

It is said in a narration that a man by the name of Yahuda al-Askhayooty ( Judas the Iscariot ), a disciple of his, was the one who deceived Isa ( peace be upon him) and told the Romans and Jews where the prophet was.

Because of this wicked act, Allah made Yahuda look exactly like Isa ( peace be upon him ) and had him crucified instead of the prophet.

And their saying “We killed the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, the Messenger of God ” – whereas they did not kill him, nor did they crucify him, but the matter was made dubious to them. Those who differ about this matter and about Jesus are indeed confused; they have no definite knowledge thereof, following mere conjecture; and of a certainty, they killed him not. ( Holy Quran, An-Nisa 157 )

The children of Israel not only bragged about killing a human being, but a messenger – one among the best of them. Allah , wouldn’t have left His precious messenger be killed in such a terrible way , so Isa ( peace be upon him ) was saved from the ruthless claws of his people.

And they (the unbelievers) schemed (against Jesus), and God put His will into effect (and brought their schemes to nothing). God wills what is the best (for His believing servants) and makes His will prevail. ( Holy Quran, Imran 54 )

When Maryam ( peace be upon her ) heard about the crucifixion , she fell into despair. By the infinite Mercy of Allah, Jibril was sent to her to assure her that her beloved son had not been killed, someone else was made to resemble his physical aspect and he had ascended to the heavens.

Some of the most important beliefs of Islam are Isa’s ( peace be upon him ) ascension , his existence in the heavens and his return to have his mission completed.

But God raised him to Himself. God is All-Glorious with irresistible might, All-Wise. ( Holy Quran ,An-Nisa 158 )

The disciples continued to spread the Word of Allah and have a righteous life. They had been tortured, abused and oppressed , so much so that all of them died . The rest of his followers dispersed in all directions.

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