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The Power in Prayer and Supplication.Part1

The Power in Prayer and Supplication.Part1

When the clean black shroud of night enfolds our entire existence, certain darkened souls feel lonely and detached from everything. Yet in the darkest moments, in the remotest corners, and even in the quietest deserts, “He” is always with us.

God is the companion of the lonely and the sanctuary of the helpless.

  • He is the one who knows the sorrows of broken hearts, who alleviates incurable troubles, and who eliminates the loneliness and depression in our souls with breezes from His realm. 
  • Those who turn to Him turn to an opened door; those who supplicate to Him have realized the very purpose of existence.
  • Those who recognize Him through His works, those who truly know and feel Him through their consciences, need to learn nothing else. 
  • In the minds of those who attain knowledge of Him, pieces of that knowledge become crystal domes over diamond pillars. 

For the souls who do not recognize Him, knowledge is apprehension and all existence we explore with science becomes nothing more than a collection of lifeless bodies.

In the radiant climate of belief, all creation becomes clear as water, from beginning to end; thoughts and events become distilled and everything flows to Him. Those who turn and implore Him with such pure feelings and thoughts are the most fortunate among us.

Given this, wherever we are in the world, whatever the time of day, whenever we feel lonely, let us turn to Him with our whole being, open the doors of our heart to Him, and one by one, confide in Him our sufferings, pains, desires, and wishes, great or small. Then we will feel our pain alleviated, our suffering replaced with contentment, and our souls will be enveloped by the breezes of Divine favors.

Those who confine themselves within the material world will likely never feel Him. Still, with thousands of signs for those who see, He will make His presence felt in our consciences, that He is not distant, and make our hearts smile.

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