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What are the physiological benefits of fasting?.Part2

What are the physiological benefits of fasting?.Part2

In order to function well, a machine needs to be maintained and repaired at regular intervals. Otherwise, it will either fall apart or become inefficient. A pupil is allowed to go on holiday after a period of attending classes. An employee works from morning till evening, and then takes a break in their work and begins to rest. Good, effective performance and the desired output would not be possible if such breaks were not part of the program.

The human body is like a factory and its organs are like the machines in the factory. Observing the fast helps the body, which is in fact a factory producing endless energy, thoughts, and feelings, to rest so that it will not breakdown.

Fasting also increases the performance of the inner organs in this living factory. Another important advantage of fasting for the body is that the believer can easily reduce their body weight and thus relax.

Today, millions of people suffer from being overweight and spend huge amounts of money trying to lose weight. Although obesity itself is accepted as disease, the most dangerous and harmful aspect is that obesity can result in more harmful diseases, such as hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure, and heart and kidney diseases. Fasting is a remedy for both physical and spiritual ailments.

b. Fasting protects against diseases

Much has been written about the importance of fasting for both the spirit and the body. A large number of studies have been conducted about the medical benefits and spiritual merits of fasting.
In his book about strengthening the will power, the German professor Gherard advises that all people should observe fasting and states that it is the most effective way to free the soul from the dominance of the body and worldly affairs.

In another study, Dr. Rowy says,

“Fasting empowers the endurance of the body against diseases. Today, fasting, which is prescribed in Islam, is being recommended by modern medical institutions as a protective element against ailments.”

This has been born out in the hospital that is run by Dr. Henri Lehman in Dresden and in clinics directed by Dr. Berscherbenr and Dr. Moliere, where patients undergo a fast as part of their treatment.

In order to underscore the importance of fasting, Muhammad ibn al-Yaman reports:

“I asked six questions to six people, but all of them gave the same answer to my six questions. I asked the doctors what the best medicine was. ‘Hunger and eating less is the best medicine,’ they replied. I asked philosophers what the most effective means of seeking wisdom and truth was and they said, ‘It is hunger and eating less.’ I asked worshippers what the most useful thing in prostrating oneself before Allah is. They said, ‘It is hunger and eating less.’ I asked scholars what the best method of collecting knowledge in the mind is and they said, ‘It is hunger and eating less.’ I asked kings what the best food is. ‘It is hunger and eating less,’ they said. I asked lovers what the best means of union with one’s beloved is and they said, ‘It is hunger and eating less.’”

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