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What is the reason for the mutashabih verses in the Qur’an?.Part2

What is the reason for the mutashabih verses in the Qur’an?.Part2

Let us not forget that God Almighty has clearly explained in the muhkam (perspicuous) verses all the basics of faith, acts of worship, interrelations of human beings and moral principles for which human beings are accountable. Although the genuine purposes of the Qur’an have been laid out by these muhkam verses which convey a firm and unequivocal meaning, it would be neither right nor proper to expect each and every verse of the Qur’an to be understood and comprehended by everybody all at the same level. God Almighty speaks to human beings in a way that they can understand. The Qur’an does not contain any words that are entirely incomprehensible for human beings. According to their levels of understanding and the scientific knowledge of the time, God’s servants can perceive the implications of the mutashabih verses, but they cannot fully encompass them in their knowledge. Accordingly, it is possible to derive meanings even from the verses that pertain to God’s Attributes, which are from the mutashabih verses.

Obviously, as we cannot grasp His Attributes in all their reality, we abstain from likening God to His
creatures. It should also be noted that we must take the muhkam verses as criterion and understand the mutashabih verses in the light of the muhkam ones, as we cannot perceive their true nature fully or the divine purpose behind them. We believe in whatever meaning God Almighty intended in those verses that have more than one dimension and which are known by God alone in all their reality. This inadequacy of
knowing everything in full in the Book is evidence that it was revealed by God Almighty, Who is the only Owner of the absolute knowledge.

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