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Which angel delivered the Qur’an to the Prophet?

Which angel delivered the Qur’an to the Prophet?

As far as the Revelation of the Qur’an is concerned, the Prophet served as an envoy between the people and the angel, while the angel fulfilled the same role between God and the Prophet.

The Messenger, who had a sensitive but reliant character, was one who was equipped with an extraordinary mission to save humankind from lethargy and from immoral tendencies, bringing them to a higher level of consciousness from which they would clearly recognize God as God and Satan as Satan.

As a result of God’s mercy He sent Prophets to humankind so that they could find the true path and worship only God Almighty. 

For the most part the Prophets were sent to humankind in times of moral crisis or decline. The aspects that are the hardest to control and which are the most dangerous are the moral aspects of human behavior. The Prophets who were sent for this purpose received Revelations from God. In the Qur’an it is stated that the angel who delivered the Revelation to Prophet Muhammad,
peace and blessings be upon him, was Archangel Gabriel:

Say (O Messenger): “(The Lord of the worlds, my and your Lord, declares:) ‘Whoever is an enemy to Gabriel (should know that) it is he who brings down the Qur’an on your heart by the leave of God, (not of his own accord), confirming (the Divine origin of and the truths still contained in) the Revelations prior to it, and (serving as) guidance and glad tidings for the believers.’” (Baqara 2:97)

Some members of the Jewish community in Medina came to the Prophet and asked him a number of questions. He answered all their questions. They found no fault with his answers and later asked him about who delivered the Revelation to him. When the Prophet told them that Archangel Gabriel delivered the Revelations to him, they said:

“He brings earthquake, disaster, violence, war and death. So, he is our enemy. But Michael is our friend. Thus, we would have believed in you if it had been Michael who had brought you the Revelation.”

God Almighty states that the Qur’an is not the word of Gabriel, but rather that it is the Word of God; the verse goes on to state that Gabriel comes to the Prophet only with God’s permission and that he brings the Revelation from God to the Prophet.

In another verse, the name of the Angel of Revelation is given as the Trustworthy Spirit ( Ruh al-Amin):

This (Qur’an) is indeed the Book of the Lord of the worlds being sent down by Him (in parts). The Trustworthy Spirit brings it down on your heart, so that you may be one of the warners (entrusted with the Divine Revelation). (Shuara 26:192-194)

God Almighty calls Gabriel “the Trustworthy Spirit” as he serves to save all of humankind in religious matters. He is called the Trustworthy ( Amin) because he has been entrusted with a mission to deliver certain things to the Prophets and to others.

Another name given to the Angel of Revelation is “the Spirit of Holiness” ( Ruh al-Qudus):
Say (to them, O Messenger):

“(My Lord affirms): ‘The Spirit of Holiness brings it down in parts from your Lord with truth (embodying the truth and with nothing false in it), that it may confirm those who believe (strengthening them in their faith and adherence to God’s way), and as guidance, and glad tidings for the Muslims (those who have submitted themselves wholly to God).’” (Nahl 16:102)

The Spirit of Holiness implies a spirit that is pure, a spirit that cannot become blemished, one that is sacred, trustworthy and ever-purified. This is Gabriel, who is described as the Ruh al-Qudus in the Qur’an. In other words, Gabriel is called by this name because he brings Divine enlightenment and wisdom in the form of the Qur’an from God; this will serve until the Day of Judgment to purify humankind. According to another Qur’anic definition, the angel who acts as an envoy to the Prophet has the following features:

This is the Word (brought) by an honored messenger (Gabriel), endowed with power, with high rank and esteem before the Lord of the Supreme Throne; one obeyed (by his aides), and trustworthy (in fulfilling God’s orders, most particularly conveying the Revelation). (Takwir 81:19-21)

Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, the Messenger of God, saw and communicated with Archangel Gabriel, who is also an envoy of God, and received the Revelation from the angel on different occasions. When the Prophet stated that he was receiving the Revelation from
Gabriel, the polytheists of Mecca protested. The verse, 

“Indeed he saw him (Gabriel) on the clear horizon” (Takwir 81:23)

was revealed in connection with this objection of the polytheists. It can be clearly understood that there is an angel who delivered the Revelation from God to the Prophets.

This angel is Gabriel, who is entrusted with the Revelations and who is sincere in this mission.

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